I'm super morbid obese and looking for all the help/support I can Get!

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Hello I'm Brandon 29, 6ft 600+ lbs from Washington DC living in NYC. My goal is to lose 275 pounds in 18 months. Please help me on this journey. Add me as a friend


  • Hunter_Killer
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    You can do this my friend. There are a lot of very helpful, friendly and motivating people on here. Good luck.
  • PKThickChops
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    your gonna make it bruh
  • orviske
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    You can do anything you set your mind to. Every journey begins by taking that first step. Glad you're here. You got this!!!
  • verifiedvalerie
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    Dream big and you will achieve greatness my friend.
    Sent the add. :)
  • Nancy4430
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    I believe you can do it!!!!
  • Constant_Nova
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    You took the first step of joining MFP! Congrats! request sent!
  • Mapalicious
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    Hey! I didn't lose that much, but I did lose 125 lbs. And i've kept it off for 6 years.

    But losing 125 lbs took me 3 years! Yes, it can be done faster, but this is about your long-term future. Don't expect fast results. This is for your life.

    You can do this!
  • thenananator
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    YES! Always so happy for young people that TAKE THEIR BODIES BACK while they are young. You are giving your self a gift every day! You CAN do this. WANT it. Don't be afraid of the journey love. Just STAY on it. I have few regrets in my life but I can honestly say that not taking my body back when I was 29-50 years old is my biggest regret. Don't have regret that lasts that long. If I may, I would say to you that 5 lb goals for me at first kept me encouraged and they add up quickly. Enjoy and have fun discovering what your amazing body can do when we use our amazing minds too.
  • edrobles99
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    You will get there buddy!! I'm adding you!
  • garyltaylor80
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    we all need help at something man. i got you.
  • Derek_McC
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    You are at the right place. Stay here, log EVERY thing that you eat and drink, be patient, and we will all work through this together.
  • AngelaMee1
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    Set yourself reasonable and short term goals so that you don't get frustrated. Also if you lose the weight too quickly you will end up with a lot of flabbiness and loose skin. Focus on learning as much as you can about your health and what your body actually needs and you will have no problem losing the weight. It's a lot to learn about and shocking how wrong almost everything that has ever been marketed to you has been.
  • nta3377
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    Hey Brandon! You can totally do this bro! I'm in NYC too bro. You'll find a lot of insight and good advice on here for sure. Make a good plan and exercise plan. And stick to it. And start off at your own pace but stick with it and you will for sure achieve this goal my man! Lots of luck and inspiration!
  • nancybuss
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    Great advice already!
    One day at a time. All you can do is today. Do the best you can today and just keep going! There will be ups and downs, great days and tough days. We ALL have them!
    Congrats on making the decision to change your life!!!!1
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    Sent you an add! :)
  • awatkins1996
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    Lil steps to your bigger goal
  • jessicalynch817
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    You can do it! I am 5'6 and 249 pounds. Looking to lose 100+. Anyone can feel free to message/request me! :)