The Journey

777dawne Posts: 27 Member
This health journey, is quite the journey is it not? Weights coming off I'm enjoying finding out things about myself. . I really like walking, I like strength traing, eating is your health journey going?


  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,373 Member
    It's not a journey, because it has no end.
  • 777dawne
    777dawne Posts: 27 Member
    WRONG IT IS YOUR JOURNEY, it takes different routes, but Yes its a journey. .
  • RoxieDawn
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    I can say that I am NOT taking an excursion, or a tour or a cruise, which usually ends. It is a life long commitment that never ends. Sorry OP.

    Eating clean isn't really a thing either! This this means something different to everyone.

    Let the thread begin!
  • 777dawne
    777dawne Posts: 27 Member
    A journey, moves it's very real everyday journey, we try new workouts..journey, we eat new foods journey, our own journey, our life's are a journey while we are here..That's why I never post..people want argue..Really? How is that encouraging? ? My own thoughts about it...u don't have to agree..but really