Is there a difference? Edited for clarity.

lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
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I've been strength training for 3 months total. The last month my weight has stalled. Can you tell a difference in these pictures? I'm actually 1 lb up.
First picture is June 28th, 2nd is today.


  • CalPolyBronco
    CalPolyBronco Posts: 201 Member
    Good job!! You look awesome. :#
  • cgvet37
    cgvet37 Posts: 1,189 Member
  • Just_Maddy
    Just_Maddy Posts: 94 Member
    Yeeees!! I see it sooo much! Quite noticeable on your lower tummy, face, arms and top of thighs. Even your forehearms and hands!

    Please don't feel discouraged I used to be like that and it makes things very difficult and hard to stick to, so trust the process and just enjoy the ride!
  • branbuds
    branbuds Posts: 624 Member
    Wow! You look much smaller in the after pic! Way to go :)
  • mikebooker1
    mikebooker1 Posts: 148 Member
    I'm in the same boat! I started doing strength training in March. Since then I've only "lost" about 10 lbs but I've lost almost 4 inches from my waist and i'm down almost 2 sizes in shirts. (depending on the brand). Keep it up!
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    Are yall looking at the last 3 pictures or just the first picture lol?

    The first comparison is from may 6th to June 28th.

    The last 3 are from June 28th to today.
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    Edited my post for clarity. I think everyone was looking at the first picture which is actually from when I started my diet change and strength training.

    I was actually just wondering if there was a difference in the last month....I'm so bad at this
  • agawnursing
    agawnursing Posts: 8 Member
    You look tighter if that makes sense lol
  • Fitwarrior7_Round_2
    Fitwarrior7_Round_2 Posts: 453 Member
    Your boobs are smaller. Unless thats a magic sports bra in the first picture. And your abs look tighter.
  • jessiefrancine
    jessiefrancine Posts: 271 Member
    I notice a change in the last set of pictures. Check out the area right above the waistband of your shorts. To me, that looks a lot smoother in the more recent picture, so I'd say that's progress!
  • Sued0nim
    Sued0nim Posts: 17,456 Member
    No I'm sorry I don't see much difference

    Although if you are stronger and progressing your weights no doubt there will be

    In order to see visible musculature you may need to drop your BF%
  • leilbobeil
    leilbobeil Posts: 11 Member
    You can definitely see a difference in your hips/lovehandle area and the first side by side shows a difference in your back (where the bra was kinda pushing in, it now sits flat)...I hope it's encouraging that strangers see a difference and keep going no matter what the scale says. A body that moves will look like a body that moves.
  • Sued0nim
    Sued0nim Posts: 17,456 Member
    I would also suggest for progress tracking you slip into a bikini and take full length photos in natural light...use a timer app so that you can stand naturally at exactly the same distance from the camera

    Take front and side flexed and relaxed
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    edited July 2016
    Sued0nim wrote: »
    No I'm sorry I don't see much difference

    Although if you are stronger and progressing your weights no doubt there will be

    In order to see visible musculature you may need to drop your BF%

    So just so you know this was the difference in the first two months of strength training. li7oz9b551ic.jpg
    It just seems like this last month hasn't been a huge change.
    And I've definitely gotten stronger. My diet just hasn't been 100%. I can tell a difference in my abdomen because the more weight I lose the wrinklier it gets and now it looks like a frown lol.
  • RoseTheWarrior
    RoseTheWarrior Posts: 2,035 Member
    Absolutely a difference! You're smaller all over.
  • DiaryOfaThickFitWoman
    DiaryOfaThickFitWoman Posts: 406 Member
    I see difference, definitely.
  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    Is your waist measurement smaller? It looks a tad smaller, otherwise I don't see a difference really. It's hard to tell because your bra is pinching you in a different spot in each picture. Try to wear the same bra.
  • Sued0nim
    Sued0nim Posts: 17,456 Member
    It's great that you've experienced significant difference

    You have metrics like

    strength in your lifting - you will see significant neuromuscular improvement at the start and, dependent on calorie intake, some hypertrophy (I've seen figures of, all things in diet and training being perfect, 12lbs per year for women)

    measurements are great but take care over tension in tape

    weight - on a rolling 6-8 week cycle to trendline fluctuations and accepting weight ranges not absolutes

    Body fat percentage although notoriously difficult and scales are useless, but over months you may get a trend... I've recently discovered that even the all hailed and pricey DEXA has considerable issues

    Yes visually those second two pics in your later post look like a significant difference but I stand by my recommendation on how to take progress pics and the importance of pose and lighting and clothing and hope it helps

  • FutureThoughts
    FutureThoughts Posts: 95 Member
    First, major kudos on the changes from the start!! what a huge difference in the first few months!
    For the current post, about June-July changes - yes, I do see a difference!! It's not as drastic but definitely tightening up everwhere. Your upper arm, your face (even though it's mostly hidden, i can still tell it's narrower), love handles and hips -- all are smaller! Keep doing what you are doing, it's working and you look great!
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,287 Member
    Yes, You look smaller in the bust and hips...
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