Is this a good pre & post run meal/macro routine?

For my 7-9k runs (fast pace) I usually have these as a pre-run meal

100g homemade bread
10g almond butter
4 egg whites

63C 8F 32P

snack 1hr before run:
1 banana w/natural peanut butter
80g chicken breast

27C 5F 27P

late morning run

And have this post run:
300g 0%fat greek yogurt w/200g frozen fruit
1 apple
25g lowfat crackers with either cheese or natural peanut butter

85C 9F 42P

Wonder if I should look to add more carbs/less protein prior and the opposite after? Is there any general recommendations for a baseline?



  • rybo
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    It's pretty much irrelevant. Especially the snack 1 hour before as that is still digesting and not into your system at all by the time you run.
  • jacksonpt
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    edited August 2016
    It's all personal preference. For a 7-9k distance, I personally wouldn't eat anything. I prefer running on an empty stomach.

    Chances are whatever you do or don't eat isn't having a meaningful impact on your energy levels, so it's really just a question of how do you feel best during the run. Some people like to have food in the their stomach, some people don't.