Turned 40 Going to lose 30 lbs

cbstig Posts: 17 Member
Just turned 40 and need to lose around 30 lbs. Been jogging and walking and a little circuit training for 3 weeks and have lost 7 lbs so far. Trying to stay motivated and want to try something new. Going to try spinning. Anyone have advice for giving it a go?


  • lancelyell
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    What's up man! I lost 75 lbs. Nutrition is everything! Any idea what calories and macros you're going to shoot for?
  • avj_78
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    7lbs is awesome--congrats! I love spin. Def try it for high intensity, sweat-pouring-down-your-body cardio. Find a good class with loud music and a motivating instructor. Keep pushing yourself and it will never get old. I go to Les Mills RPM.
  • KazzykinsJ1967
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    Welcome to mfp!!!! Great start too. X
  • kwick65
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    I support lanceyell, in that it's all about what goes in. Exercise is important but what you eat, when you eat, and especially portions are by far the most important factor
    Good luck and keep posting for support
  • snifflepuff13
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    :) great job! Also, I agree that food is the biggest key to weight loss.
  • mjbehrendt
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    Logging accurately has been huge for me. I'm on the same journey you are on. I'm 39 and have dropped about 25 lbs with 5 more to go. I tried to just work out and not log calories (for almost two years). I felt better, and got faster and stronger, but the scale didn't move. When I consistently held my calories under my budgeted amount, I began to lose weight and am making progress with the weights at the gym.
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    I'm 44 and I have around 20 to lose. Add me if you want.
  • ElfInaStar
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    I'm 42 and around 20lbs to lose too Add me if you want.
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    I think
    will be a thread you might like to join, check it out!
  • cbstig
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    Thanks for all the advice and support! I'm off to a great start. Working out, jogging and walking are daily and I hate missing a day even though I know I need some rest. One of the biggest factors has been no more eating out.

    Lancelyell, I am shooting for the calories MFP says to which is 1820 but I don't know what macros are.
  • tboz08202016
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    Best of luck!