Looking to lose 100 pounds

I'm looking to lose 100 pounds. I lost fifty last year and gained most of it back after moving and losing my support group. I'm looking for encouragement and accountability. Anyone down to do this together? Add me


  • moorobertson
    moorobertson Posts: 2 Member
    Happy to help anyway I can. I need to lose 80-100 lbs myself
  • bellkat31
    bellkat31 Posts: 74 Member
    I am working on 100 myself 85 more to go.
  • cheerleading_ns
    cheerleading_ns Posts: 8 Member
    Working on losing 100 as well. I've always lost around 20/30 pounds then gave up and gained it back. Now I'm back starting again and super determined to lose 100 pounds by going to the gym 6 days a week and help with a personal trainer doing cardio and weight training. My first goal is 8 weeks 25 pounds I'm currently down 11 ish pounds in 3 week with 5 weeks left to go to lose about 15 more pounds. Staying strong.
  • lisahebert186
    lisahebert186 Posts: 736 Member
    I'm looking to lose the same or close to it. It really helps having a great support system.
  • shellir05
    shellir05 Posts: 16 Member
    I am also looking to lose 100 pounds! We can do this!!!