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When did you start noticing your body change?

Hello Successful ladies and gents.

I am a starter really buy I'm curious as to when you first noticed changes to your body.

I am 5'2
SW 240lb
CW 218lb
GW 135lb

My clothes are still quite tight etc but the scales are showing weight loss so I'm just curious as to how long it took you to notice changes whether that be through needing a smaller clothes size or when you looked in the mirror.

Thank you

Sarah x


  • jbatinker
    jbatinker Posts: 313 Member
    Hi there. I am 5'2" also.

    SW 250
    CW 205
    GW 150

    I think I started to really notice the difference in my clothes around 25 pounds. Take your measurements - waist, bust, hips, etc. and that will give you a better idea. Now at 45 pounds there is a really big difference.
  • evesmom2
    evesmom2 Posts: 231 Member
    I am also 5'2"
    sw 248
    cw 198.5
    gw 115

    It was about 30 lbs before I could fit in the next size down...from plus size 24 to plus size 22.
  • ReflectivePhase
    ReflectivePhase Posts: 17 Member
    Just after two weeks, my clothes were looser, I felt less bloated. My husband noticed and I didn't tell him I was dieting, probably less noticeable to anyone else at the time. I realised it didn't take long to see the effects so that kept me going.
  • jprewitt1
    jprewitt1 Posts: 264 Member
    Not sure I'm ever going to notice any changes. I look at pictures from one or two years ago and I see no difference. I've lost 117 lbs so far and mentally I feel no different. I still see the same guy that I saw two years ago. I'm just still plugging away. It would be nice to see myself differently, but I don't know that it will happen. Hopefully you see the differences in you. The only thing that matters is that you're happy and healthy. Good luck.
  • MrsKila
    MrsKila Posts: 320 Member
    Cohalligan wrote: »
    Hi there, I will chime in...

    Height: 5'4" ish
    SW: 227
    CW: 185.8
    GW: 135 (or lower)
    My general shape is hourglass.

    I found that my clothing fit didn't change markably until I got closer to 200lbs, simply because for me I knew I was putting off buying new clothes pre-weightloss because I didn't want to size up from a 16 to an 18 which I probably should have. So I needed to get from an 18 to a 16 to a 14 before I really moved a size in my pants and I found it really hard to discern whether or not my jeans were getting loose. Particularly because I do dry them in the dryer so they are always a little tighter on the first wear. But by the time I hit where I am currently the 14s are falling down if I put my cell in my back pocket and I have moved from an XL/XXL shirt to a M/L depending on brands.

    Part of the early success and motivation for me was I was in a biggest loser competition which spanned my weight loss from 210lbs-187lbs. And over that period I lost roughly 23 lbs and 26 inches as measured by the competition leader.

    Even though my co-workers and family knew I was doing this I only really started getting comments about my weight loss around the 30-40lb (total) lost mark.

    ETA: If anyone wants to be friends, just send me a request.

    This sounds great. How long did it take to loose the weight?
  • Cohalligan
    Cohalligan Posts: 26 Member
    edited August 2016
    MrsKila wrote: »
    This sounds great. How long did it take to loose the weight?

    I went from 227 to 210lbs in two months from February to the beginning of April this year, counting calories and working out everyday for 30min-60min on my treadmill. Then 210 to 187lbs was April to maybe the third week of June counting calories and doing 60 min on the treadmill 3x a week and 2-3x a week at the gym lifting weights. I took a break for a month ish and I started back up two weeks again counting calories, tomorrow I am restarting 30 minutes on the treadmill nightly.

    ETA: Those months I lost on average 1.5-2lbs a week. I am starting this time with a lower weekly loss (aiming at 1lb a week now) because I am closer to goal.

  • intelligirl
    intelligirl Posts: 15 Member
    Hi! I was almost at the same starting place as you. Here are my stats:
    SW 253 lbs
    CW 158 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs

    I had a VERY hard time noticing for the first 40 or so pounds. I didn't really notice until I was around 200lbs. It took a really long time before my clothes felt big or I could see changes in the mirror. Now, I do notice changes in my body much more easily. Not only is there not as much wriggle room in smaller sizes, but I'm more aware of my body overall.
  • joans1976
    joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
    SW: 204
    CW: 170
    Next mini goal: 164

    Took me 4 months to lose 34 pounds. I noticed in my face, clothing and belly at about 17 pounds gone. Much larger difference now.

    Good luck on your journey!
  • mecoconleche
    mecoconleche Posts: 86 Member

    After one month and 10lbs difference between pics
  • cbstig
    cbstig Posts: 17 Member
    I notice the change when buttoning my pants. I no longer have to pull to do it. The scale might not change daily but that is the greatest feeling!
  • elkhunter7x6
    elkhunter7x6 Posts: 88 Member
    jbatinker wrote: »
    Hi there. I am 5'2" also.

    SW 250
    CW 205
    GW 150

    I think I started to really notice the difference in my clothes around 25 pounds. Take your measurements - waist, bust, hips, etc. and that will give you a better idea. Now at 45 pounds there is a really big difference.

    This was accurate for me as well. I dropped 1 pant size after the first 25lbs. Then I dropped 7 pant sizes in the next 30lbs and am now at a healthy weigh and body fat%.

  • tigerlilly24
    tigerlilly24 Posts: 130 Member
    I've lost 65 lbs so far sw 229 cw 165 and gw undecided. I look at myself sometimes and think I barely see a difference. But I've taken full body shots all along the way and when I put the pictures side by side I can see it. On an average day though when I'm just going about life I'll glimpse my reflection and not realize it's me I'm looking at because in my head I'm still 229 lbs. So bizarre
  • Shana67
    Shana67 Posts: 680 Member
    I am 5'9"

    SW: 215
    CW: 178
    GW: 160

    I started around size 16 (TIGHT 14) and 37 lbs later am in a a loose size 12 and can fit into some size 10 dresses. I didn't notice much difference in my clothing until I hit 20 lbs, and frankly no one in my life (except my husband/children) noticed much difference until that point either. I get comments all of the time now :)
  • Runfast2017
    Runfast2017 Posts: 9 Member
    When I lost 20 pounds and my pants fell off first time in my life. I used to buy a size bigger pants every summer before that.
  • hollygirl101
    hollygirl101 Posts: 93 Member
    I'm 5'4".

    SW: 275
    CW: 250
    First GW:200

    I've dropped 25 and notice a difference in how some of my clothes fit and my belly feels smaller. No one in my life (coworkers, friends, etc) has said anything yet but after looking at my 25lb before and after pics I can see why, it's not all that noticeable to others yet. Soon I hope!
  • hoorayselma
    hoorayselma Posts: 127 Member
    I noticed the change recently after losing 60 pounds and still ordering online size 12 clothing ..... Then returning for a 10 then 8 .... Then realized my "god im actually thinner "and down to a size 6 ... So in my closet i have size 12/14 dress and size 4/6 its an amazing feeling!!!!
  • RainaProske
    RainaProske Posts: 636 Member
    edited August 2016
    I think the funniest but most impressive thing I noticed was my hip bones sticking out when I stood. Then when I would lie down, wow, did they stick out! Had to laugh!
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