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Anime, comics, gaming friends needed



  • umiquet
    umiquet Posts: 69 Member
    I am so incredibly glad this thread exists. One of my main goals for losing weight is to look badass in cosplay!
    Also a HUGE gamer, have been for years which definitely contributed to my weight gain as I spend most of my free time gaming
    Also love anime/reading/all the fun stuff and the likes! YAY for this group! Everyone feel free to add me!
  • xvolution
    xvolution Posts: 721 Member
    Anime? Yep. Comics/manga? Yep. Gaming? Yep.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    edited August 2016
    I'm not into cosplay myself (although I like to watch it), but I am into all the rest. I'm not a good friend to add because I'm basically inactive on my wall, but feel free to add me anyway. I just wanted to pass by with a knowing nod and a smile to people with similar interests. Currently replaying the Mass Effect series.
  • cbstig
    cbstig Posts: 17 Member
    My gaming consists of WoW and War Dragons on the But I enjoy both when I get the chance. Trying to balance games and fitness.
  • cinnabondelights
    cinnabondelights Posts: 121 Member
    I like watching anime and Japanese fashion (lolita, gyaru, etc were one of my main reasons to lose weight), not so much cosplay- I do play video games, mostly WoW and sometimes Dark Souls 3 and Destiny on the PS4. c:
  • vespiquenn
    vespiquenn Posts: 1,455 Member
    Nerd here. :smiley: I actually collect video game systems and retro games (or what people would consider retro these days :lol:).

    I have always wanted to cosplay though. I've only been to one convention, but for some reason, I'm always nervous to go to it again despite how local it is.
  • TristansHawk
    TristansHawk Posts: 114 Member
    I just booked my hotel for my next convention. Currently working on losing and using my Nightingale cosplay from Skyrim as motivation :) I am also a gamer geek! I would love some like minded new friends XD
  • clicketykeys
    clicketykeys Posts: 6,568 Member
    I haven't really had time for fannish hobbies lately but I play WOW and SWTOR and write fanfic.
  • orochiwarrior
    orochiwarrior Posts: 97 Member
    Hi, I'm into anime, gaming and Manga. I'm watching Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings at the moment and just picked up Darker Then Black. I am just about to start reading the Manga of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I am mostly Playing Tales of Vesperia at the moment. I am also a huge fan of Japanese music. Feel free to add me :smile:
  • medukins
    medukins Posts: 13 Member
    Definitely into anime and do casually game. Love the Legend Of Zelda series. Feel free to add me! :smiley:
  • Sweet_Heresy
    Sweet_Heresy Posts: 411 Member
    edited August 2016
    I cosplay from time to time, and I love anime and gaming.

    So nerdy that my main form of cardio is Dance Dance Revolution. Lol

    Looking for more friends, anybody feel free to add me.