30lb weight loss goal

Hey! My goal is to lose about 30lbs. More or less. I'm all for active friends and feel free to add me. :)


  • lilstry
    lilstry Posts: 120 Member
    Hi! I have similar weight loss goals. I plan on losing 5 pounds a month. Anyone add me, noob on mfp xD
  • fathidiet
    fathidiet Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, pushing my self to loss 10 pounds. Let's talk about it together?
  • inda2garcia
    inda2garcia Posts: 4 Member
    Same goal 30 lbs. Add me too.
  • lucyluvhandles
    lucyluvhandles Posts: 138 Member
    Hello all. Looking to lose 40 lbs so far down 5 :) . Would love to have motivating friends. Feel free to add me and good luck to everyone.
  • NineTenEleven
    NineTenEleven Posts: 3 Member
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    Looking to lose too! Starting over after 6 months off. Feel free to add me. Let's encourage each other!
  • ae92jay
    ae92jay Posts: 151 Member
    I'm starting all over again. My goal is to lose 37-30 lbs!! Looking for new friends!!
  • katierakel
    katierakel Posts: 3 Member
    Same here, I have 33 to go!
  • AngelaeLebron1
    AngelaeLebron1 Posts: 171 Member
    30 lb goal. Down 11, 19 to go. Feel free to add me.
  • lrivera54
    lrivera54 Posts: 20 Member
    Today is my first day. I need to loose 30lbs. I need to buy a scale. Wish me luck. I wish you the same .
  • aclydefour
    aclydefour Posts: 1 Member
    I'm new to the community as well but have been using the app off and on a lot this past month. Really trying to loose 30-25 pounds! Really need help, motivation and tips! I don't know how to add people but please add me
  • SR_403
    SR_403 Posts: 13 Member
    Lost 20 lbs in 3 months with 15 to go. Been doing the Keto diet along with regular exercise. Some ups and downs along the way but MFP has been invaluable in keeping me focused. Good luck!