Working on loving myself- improving mind/body/soul

I am on a journey to lose 25 pounds to avoid the cancer and diseases I'm inclined to due to family history, and also I am working on my relationship with myself and God! I would love to add friends who are doing the same, and looking at this journey as a change in the mind, body, and soul!

I gained weight when I got married probably because I got so used to not having to work so hard! I got sedentary, lazy and started eating whatever I wanted at any moment, and completely stopped exercising. For the past two years I have fluctuated between 140-150 pounds-I draw a line at 150, and diet when I get there (I am 5'3"). But I want to stay motivated and keep losing down to 125 pounds this time. I hired a personal trainer to help me stay accountable for the exercise and nutrition part of it and I am working on loving myself and God more. Please add me and introduce yourself. I will help cheer you on!


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    Sounds like we are on the same journey. I to have refused my prayer life and can say my spiritual muscle are strong, practice... Practice... Practice. God our father is awesome and loves us, his children so dearly. Know that you are truly loved.

    Now, in regards to my health. I haven't practiced much and I'm looking for a good fitness community. I'm at 212 lbs now and would like to be under 200. By the 27th of August. Then go down to about 175.

    Please say a prayer that I may gain the strength to make better choices in what I eat.

    I'm glad you are looking for a balance in your life. You will be in my prayers.

    Peace and Love!
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    I'm trying to better myself too and gain a better relationship with God also! And I'm also 5'3 but I'm around 162 and would love to get to 125-130 lbs before my birthday (Dec 9)! Peru cool we have similar goals :)
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    Cancer is way too close to home. Many relatives, but most of all my son got cancer when he was 5. He is now 13, a survivor, but not a day goes by wondering if he will again.
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    My go to scripture is Philippians 4:13 - I KNOW I can't do this without Him. I have to constantly be grateful, that despite my "not perfect" body, He made me perfectly - my body gets me out of bed everyday, I have arms that can love and serve, I have legs that get me where I need to be. That being said, a friend of mine posted this on facebook today - it is a youtube for a documentary called "Embrace" and it is all about body acceptance. As fit as I can get, as much healthy food as I can eat, and as many desserts that I can turn down, I am never never going to be the airbrushed beauty on the cover of a magazine and that's ok. I am learning every day to be grateful for this body I've been given stewardship over. Here is the link to Embrace:
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    Thank you to all who have answered! @_annevalerie yes we have very similar goals only I haven't chosen a date on which my goals should be realized! My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week so I guess it should be about 24 weeks so I am looking at mid- January!

    @Djlapri67 so sorry about all the cancer you have experienced. It's in my family, too as well as heart disease, and diabetes. So I am trying to be proactive!

    @MamaSooz89129 thank you for your biblical references to encourage me!! I will check out the video!! You are beautiful and what's important is you are happy and healthy. Hopefully I can be here with you as you move towards your goals!
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    I am working on myself, starting over.

    I can relate my mom's side of the family has a history of diabetes, and cancer.

    The cancer has taken my mom, and 2 aunts in the span of 5 years.

    My 3 cousin's on my mom's side are in danger of diabetes. The other 4 cousin's are fine at the moment, no risk of diabetes for them.

    It has been 19 years already since I lost my mom. My life is still a mess now. I miss her dearly.

    I am here for support, and in need of support if you want to add me.

    - Joe
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    My go to comes from Deepak Chopra "I love myself just the way I am, thank you God for making me just the way I am".
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    Add me if u like I'm here 2 support
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    Hi, feel free to add me . I'm on the same type of journey . I just had a baby in July pre mature. he is,still In nicu . so I'm trying to look to God for guidance. been some rough and tough times . we got this. we can do this
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    Was praying I would find some Christian community here! I am also working on myself, my relationship with God and losing weight. I am 62, 5'2" and weigh 180. I can't stand being this heavy. I've tried weight watchers and found that I wasn't eating enough protein and my whole balance of food intake was "off". I like being able to see what I'm taking in every day and if I am meeting or exceeding goal. Getting back into tracking this way has been helping me to make better choices.
    I am eager to lose and support others who are trying to improve their all round selves.
    There is diabetes, heart disease and cancer in my family also. I don't want to go that route. It all comes down to choices doesn't it? Not right or wrong, just choices and consequences of those choices.
    Blessings and Peace