I want to lose weight but every time I think about working out, I get discouraged because working out sounds incredibly boring. Are there any fun work outs that you guys do? ( Ex: biking, swimming, etc)


  • vespiquenn
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    Well, what do you like to do? Things like hiking, weight lifting, or running are enjoyable to me. But workouts are not always going to be enjoyable, even if you like them. Sometimes you just got to get over it if you want something bad enough.
  • chrissygbulldog3
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    I have MS and walking is challenging. I lost a ton of weight, logged every day, got over confident, got back in bad habits again, and you know the rest of the story. I never learn. I just said, enough is enough, I can and will, do this. And I will. Hang in there.
  • flatcoatedR
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    Maybe you need to concentrate more on your diet to start with. Losing weight is said to be 80% diet 20% exercising. Then you can add exercising slowly when you get a good start. I've lost 70 lbs since Jan of this year and have only started to add some walking. Good Luck.
  • brenn24179
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    I love Zumba at the gym or any aerobic class, kayaking, hiking, biking.
  • Madelinec117
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    I use a stationary bike, but read on my kindle while exercising to help the time go faster. If not, boredom sets in. If I read while riding then the time flies by a lot faster and I tend to exercise longer. Just find what works for you. I agree with the flatcoatedR that the diet is the biggest part of weight loss, but I do feel a lot better since adding exercise.
  • eIIekay
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    ive been exercising for a year...i gained 10 lbs. Ive been cutting calories for a month....i lost 11.4 lbs. i agree with flatcoatedR...80%food, 20% exercise....i do like going to Curves though...it makes me feel stronger.
  • Brianneplus3
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    I hate the Gym but I love aerobics. So I bought a step and I find a good You Tube video and get the steppin'! Lol. There are a lot of good videos on You Tube for beginners and that are not so intense, which is where I'm at. Find what you like to do. Whatever it is start small. Build your cardio, even if it's doing jumping jacks during the commercials and start on with working on your diet.
  • brdnw
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    boredom is your excuse for being out of shape? just be a grown adult and do it...maybe actually doing it, will give you a sense for what it is as opposed to just thinking about how it will be.
  • rankinsect
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    Weight loss is definitely 80% done in the kitchen. In fact if you eat back exercise calories, in theory exercise doesn't help you lose weight at all.

    Exercise does help you keep weight off and reduce the loss of lean mass, though, and exercise by itself is probably the single best thing you can do for your health - even more so than weight loss.

    I agree with what others said - find something you enjoy, or something that's at least okay for you to do forever. I do 45 min 3 days a week of machine-based exercises (strength and cardio) because that's all I can really enjoy. I do love to hike and walk, though, so while six minutes on a treadmill bore me to tears, six hours of hiking up and down hills is a great and wonderful day.

    Maybe join an amateur group for a sport you like? Sports are just exercise made into games.