Hi All! I recently started a ketogenic diet and have lost 8 pounds in just 1 week! I have PCOS and I'm looking to make this a lifestyle change to manage my symptoms and livr healthier! Anyone else doing low carb or Keto and want to become friends here? Would love to see others progress and stay up on the foods you're finding success with.


  • tlcopestake82
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    Hiya! Keto is awesome isn't it! I started a month ago and on the first 2 weeks I was down 15.5lbs. I genuinely could not believe it!! Down another 8 now and I feel amazing! Carb bloat is gone, as is muffintop lol and I have bucket loads of energy!

    Feel free to add me and good luck on your journey :)
  • Dominique14614
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    I'm restarting keto/low carb lifestyle. I've done this off and on several times over the years. I have had success every time with weight coming off and feeling healthier. I'm so tired of the carb/sugar roller coaster. I'm looking to make this a permanent lifestyle change at this point.
  • kkeller011
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    I have been doing the low carb now for two weeks. I have only been using myfitnesspal app now for about 6 days. My weight loss has not been as fast as I would like, but, I am determined to make this a lifestyle change . I have been walking/running every morning. We can all do this! Good luck to everyone. Please feel free to add me.
  • pmm3437
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    Keto community -

    Lotta good info / people over there.

    GL ... I love pasta and potatoes too much to commit to keto, thou I do try to eat lower carb than average. Moderation I can handle ... elimination .. not so much.
  • s3rend1p1ty
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    I am working on this Keto foodstyle. It is a challenge, yet I have only begun getting in the swing of things. I would l9ve new friends and ideas.
  • pkosmicki
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    I've been keto for a month dropped 14 pounds. I would love some keto friendly friends.
  • ladipoet
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    I suggest you check out the main low carber daily forum group here in MFP. It's where most of us Ketofiles tend to hang out: