Secret Binge Eating

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I'm a champ most days; healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch. Normally I say no to that woman in the office who has cookies, cake or chocolate too. I hit the gym 4-5 days a week after work. But in secret, I get home and I binge eat. Carbs first, cheese, hummus, peanut butter, walnuts, protein bar, anything I can find. Then I'm over my count by 800-1000 daily. This has been my secret life for months now.. What's wrong? How do I stop this?


  • 204terrafisher
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    Im the same way. :( no advice just letting u know ur not alone.
  • Cheye823
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    I've noticed a binge can be caused by multiple different things. I don't know you personally, but I can tell you what's triggered my binges. It can be something as simple as just being bored, or perhaps you're not eating quite enough calories, so your body is craving food that will give you quick energy. It could also be because you're not quite getting to bed early enough. As the years have gone on, people have been going to bed later. If we need to stay up late, we're likely to eat to help keep our bodies awake. Also, it's possible that when we're tired (late nights), we're less sensitive to dopamine that our bodies release, so we'll want to eat more than usual because we're waiting for that dopamine release.
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    Sorry this is a little late, but I had (have) the same thing, and i went to my doctor about it because it got so out of control. I am now seeing a nutritionist who is helping me figure out exactly what I should be eating and a therapist as well. I have learned that binging can often be a side effect of unseen or unknown emotions and past experiences that someone is trying to cope with. Even if it doesn't feel like you are eating emotionally, this could be the case. Since starting with my therapist and nutritionist I have seen a pronounced improvement in my binging (it has become less frequent/severe) and i just kind of feel better in general. This is what worked for me, and it might help you as well.
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    I usually binge when I am needing something else in my life. I'm trying hard to have a spiritual life and inviting God into my health and fitness. Anything is possible with our Father in heaven. I'm constantly praying and thinking of the next time I should try and fast to keep him close in my life and goals that I'm pursuing.
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    If this occurs every day, I also suggest a nutritionist or dietitian and a therapist. Some things are too difficult to fix on your own.
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    I'm a professional self depricator! :-( Trying to be consitent with baby steps, walking and NOT ordering pizza or binge drinking mid-week whilst hubby's away xx