Tried doing it alone...


I'm a 26 year old newly graduated Youth Worker who lives in the tiny town of Williamstown in South Australia.

I am covered in tattoos.. But don't feel confident to show it off..

Happily in a relationship and wanting to get skinny because I won't get married looking like this..

I want to live longer.. So I need to change my ways..

Are you motivating? Fun? Funny?
Then you sound like my type of motivator and hopefully I can do the same for you...


  • ahappieru
    ahappieru Posts: 11 Member
    It's very hard to do it a lone. Be strong…
  • JodieMarie38
    JodieMarie38 Posts: 12 Member
    Hey there, feel free to add me, I haven't got a lot of Aussie MFP pals on here so would be good to have some like minded humour :-) I'm not covered in tatts..only have 2..I'm so rebellious!!!
  • LostAndFound2017
    LostAndFound2017 Posts: 8 Member
    Nobody does it alone.

    You have good reasons to be healthy.
    You absolutely can do it.
  • jackiebarrettxx
    jackiebarrettxx Posts: 5 Member
    Hi there
    Feel free to add me and we can motivate each other
  • zenzera90
    zenzera90 Posts: 7 Member
    Hi! I failed several times in losing weight but I've never been so motivated :)

    Feel free to add me if you want, together it will be better!