Night-time crunchies!!!

daddyisfat Posts: 2 Member
My biggest problem seems to be in the evening. I like to "crunch," which can range from popcorn, to chips, to frozen blueberries (I can and have eaten a 3-lb bag in one sitting. I thought it said it was "single serving."


  • mrmeza123
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    Grab a cup of coffee, stay away from soda and chips.
    If you must grab "sweets" try and go for something that comes packaged in a small wrapper to take the craving away. A small can soda.
  • Mycophilia
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    Considering 100 grams of blueberries only contain about 60 calories, I don't see why that's a bad thing to snack on in the evening.
  • chewyxrage
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    I eat popcorn every night (takes a long time to eat and is fairly low in calories) and usually some of these, too:
  • roserobotham
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    i second the dill pickle idea, I smear cream cheese or laughing cow on some deli ham and wrap the pickle up in it...feels like cheating but totally not. I also like Harvest Snaps Snapella Crisps--ceasar or ranch are good. I love Beanitos tortilla chips and salsa or guacamole also--high in protein and fiber (healthy) if you stick to one serving. :wink:
  • lolo_bunny
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    I like to snack on baby carrots. 3 oz (1 serving) is only about 35 calories. I keep snack bags in the fridge with 3 oz servings for a convenient snack.
  • gmallan
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    Save enough calories for some crunchy snacks and/or find something healthier to crunch on. Popcorn isn't too bad, veggies and dip could be a good option. Whatever it is don't let it put you over your cals for the day and you'll be fine
  • SoUl_ReBeL2021
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    Veggie sticks are good
  • raw_key
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    Carrot sticks/baby carrots and guacamole are good. Satisfies the crunch craving and the fats from the avocado will help you feel fuller. I also like saltine crackers with cottage cheese
  • RhiannonBecks
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    I am also a crunchy snacker, I enjoy sugar snap peas, slightly sweet and still get a great crunch!!
  • vegmebuff
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    Kale chips or veggie chips (homemade - just thinly sliced and roasted). Edamame in pods with sea salt/spices on top. Pistachio nuts in their shells. Roasted chick peas.

    Make your popcorn - just measure out a small amount and put the machine away. Mix a few of the pistachio nuts or 'chips' in or whatever and eventually you will create a new habit for yourself and be satisfied with that.
  • tracypreiss
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    I loooove bags of skinny pop. It's delicious and only 100 cals.