Having trouble reaching calorie goal!!!

It seems I'm never in the mood to eat. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool so I am always busy. Once I get kids settled I'm tired myself and I would have about 500 calories left so I would eat like three bags of chips just to reach my goal. Anyone else in same boat? Have any food that are high in calories but won't take a lot of time to make?


  • aylajae
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    I wish I had this problem! Have you thought about protein bars or protein powder added into a smoothie? These will significantly boost calorie intake
  • ninerbuff
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    That's not a bad problem IF you're getting in all your macros and micros.

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  • jgnatca
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    I've always thought a snack of cheese and crackers (or cheese and an apple) to be an ideal bedtime snack.
  • B4Rachael
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    Are you eating a filling and healthy breakfast? Have you tried drinking some of your calories? Or maybe having a healthy snack when the kids are snacking? Try doubling the amount of veggies you serve yourself at dinner?
  • lanidavis86
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    I do drink smoothies from time to time I guess I will have to make more time for them. I also eat veggies but they are not that high in calories.
  • lanidavis86
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    Cheese and crackers sound great. Any specific kind or just basic white crackers with slice cheese?
  • hypodonthaveme
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    Celery and peanut butter, apples and peanut butter or apple and cheese. I like taking an apple (cored and sliced)put cinnamon on it ( no sugar) and bake them in the oven until fork tender. You can use a microwave as well.
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    You need to pay attention to what you are eating, too. It's not entirely just about calories in vs. calories out. Look at your macros. Sometimes peanut butter is a good high calorie snack. However, it's high in fat, too....so you have to watch that. Protein bars, a protein shake, some jerky. You really want to try to get more protein than just carbs and fat. Cottage cheese is a great go-to, as well. :)
  • avadahm
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    This is why I drink wine at night haha

    I have no time for lunch at work so after I eat a huge dinner and put the kiddo to bed I'm all out of tummy room for extra calories. Instead of reaching my goal of gaining 10, I gained 8, lost 2, and now I'm so over eating steak wraps for dinner.
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    Tillamook summer sausage.