What prompted you to make a change?



  • Intrinsicat
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    I believe more and more doctors are trying to find the right way to bring up weight loss in conversations with their patients. I read an article at some point that some patients are actually SUING their doctor because they didn't mention frequently enough that the weight was a precursor to their disease. The last time I saw my doctor I was (and am) at my high end of the scale. Aside from the normal questions of do you exercise, etc. she mentioned that she got a personal trainer and that worked for her.

    Personally, I've witnessed my grandmother die at 67 from alcohol abuse, my mom at 55 from smoking related cancer, my dad at 63 from heart disease... I would really like to give myself the best chance for living past my sixties and apparently my vice is food. I started having panic attacks after my dad passed away and the one that sent me to the hospital really had me thinking I was having a heart attack. It made me think much more broadly about my health and longevity. Not to mention I'm a roller coaster nut and I will lose it the day I'm told I can't fit in a coaster seat. ;) So I am hoping this is the last Yo in the yo yo dieting existence - I would love to go to maintenance mode!
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    My doctor is very happy with me honestly because she told me that she's always telling her patients to lose weight, and they don't do anything about it. She's always so proud when she sees me, lol. She never pressured me about it though, just mentioned matter-of-factly that I was obese and ordered that EKG 'because of my weight' etc... but I was already considering losing weight, it was just the kick in the butt that I needed I guess.

    I completely agree though that learning about MFP made a huge difference for me. I was always convinced that I would have to stop eating what I liked to lose weight. Had I known about this years ago, it might have made a difference, honestly. For years I really thought that I would have to starve myself and eat veggies and salad all my life if I wanted to be thin... so why bother when I could eat what I wanted and not gain weight? (I was 200 pounds for years). But I saw several of my online acquaintances lose with MFP and I realized that it wasn't that bad... that's what eventually convinced me to give it a shot.

    I mean, my former GP told me to 'stop eating sugar, switch to whole grains everything, and have granola bars if I wanted a snack'. Worst advice ever.
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    Honestly I told myself I was going to do it for awhile and one hot humid night in Chicago after eating food sold at Wrigley Field I didn't feel so great stomach wise. It was then I decided maybe feeling a little hungry was better than eating myself sick
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    Invariably, successful weight loss is prompted by either fear or desire. Sometimes both, though one of the two is almost always dominant.
    I've had 2 notable successful weight loss campaigns, not counting the one I'm currently on.

    The first time (2013) I was 293 pounds, and I feared the 300-pound threshold and the implications of morbid obesity. I lost 35 pounds.
    The second time (2015) I was 285 pounds, I had just gotten married a month prior to starting, and I desired setting a foundation for long-term health. I lost 48 pounds.

    The reason for this current campaign (2016) was silly in comparison. Stores with men's clothing typically stock most styles of pants up to size 40, and it's hit and miss above that. But I was 268 pounds, noticed my size 40 pants starting to get a bit tight, and decided I REALLY didn't want (in other words, I feared) the hassle of shopping for size 42s. To this day I've lost 18 pounds, and hope to lose 42 more.
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    My first motivation was pure rage - is that wrong? My close female relative had some sort of weight loss surgery in early Spring this year but she didn't tell anyone. It is a huge family secret and I'm not supposed to know at all. Then she started posting on Facebook about her weight loss and everyone asked how she did it..... she told them it was hard work, diet, exercise, and self-control. Not ONE WORD about her surgery. I'm absolutely not judging anyone who has weight loss surgery, by the way. But she has complained for DECADES about how it was "cheating" and a "shortcut" and if people did it, they should be honest. And now she's the one outright lying to her close friends about it.
    I got so incredibly angry at her for lying to all of her friends about the weight she lost. She made them feel as if they did not have enough willpower or self-control. I wanted to call her out on the surgery but I kept my mouth shut. I decided at that moment that I would lose the weight I keep complaining about and possibly inspire some of my friends, too. But I would not be lying about the method.
    The anger kept me on goal for about two weeks. Now I'm approaching my 4th week and I feel so much better, and see so much progress, that I don't give a flying kitten if she wants to lie to herself and everyone else - now I'm doing this for me!
  • SCoil123
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    The first time it was so I could be more active with my son and feel attractive again. In the process I found I had health issues too which added motivation.

    This time around the pant size I'd worked hard to get into stopped fitting. When I realized I'd gained enough back to go up a size I recommitted.
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    I have alot of medical problems for one had a total knee replacement last June and I need to get my weight down it's not good on the new knee... I personally don't want to be over weight it makes me feel tired and depressed, just not happy with it. So my plan is to lose 77 pounds and I will be happy!
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    I yo-yo-ed several times over the last ten years, but this time was different. Terrible foot and knee pain. Couldn't breathe at night. Couldn't afford the deductible for WL surgery. So I decided to try one more time. The only promise I made was to not quit this time. I've lost 108 pounds over 14 months and have maintained 4 months so far. I would like to lose another 12 pounds but i'm not obsessing over it.
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    It's been a tough journey but so worth it.
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    I was gonna say my arms got short ,,, there ok i said it .. when i get fat my weight bothers me
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    I woke up one day last year, this month actually and had it. I was tired of seeing the scale go up. Something just clicked this time and I was really serious about it and wanting to lose the weight. I set small goals and each time I met it, I set new ones. In 1 yr, I have lost 70.2 lbs. I'm in a healthy weight range. My BMI is 22 point something. I'm only 1.8 lbs away from my final goal. I'm so happy and proud of myself. Losing weight is so hard and I can't believe I finally did it.