Vitamin D

Found out that I have low vitamin D level and now have to take 2000 iu of D3 per day. Anyone have this and does it help to take the D3?


  • leanjogreen18
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    Yes I did.

    I take Olly brand gummies which are 2000 of d. I'm not sure if I notice anything but I just had my levels tested and I'm back in normal range.
  • tryett
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    I do. But I take more than that to stay at the low end of normal. It's actually pretty common.
  • skinnyme47
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    Thank you so much.
  • jhmomofmany
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    Yep, same here. Supplementing helped me (verified by blood test).
  • runningforthetrain
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    I raised my D from 20 to 33 taking Lemon flavored cod liver oil. It does take awhile-- I was told months after supplementing to see the levels rise- so be patient.
  • abatonfan
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    Yup. I'm severely vitamin D deficient otherwise and have to take a 2000IU D3 supplement every day to keep my levels in range (my lowest value was 7ng/mL, while my most recent value was 42ng/mL). My endocrinologist is really interested in the correlations between vitamin D deficiency and diabetes (vitamin D deficiency could be one of the factors that increases one's risk of developing type 1 diabetes), so it wasn't too much of a surprise that I was super deficient.
  • Return2Fit
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    skinnyme47 wrote: »
    Found out that I have low vitamin D level and now have to take 2000 iu of D3 per day. Anyone have this and does it help to take the D3?
    I was tested some years back and my levels were 13 --> and normal was 20
    I have no clue what units these are, but that's low.
    I took a supplement but now try to get out in the sun for about 20 minutes every day without the protection of sunscreen or clothing.
    During cloudy days and dark seasons, I supplement again. It's made a huge difference in my energy levels and mood.

  • sgt1372
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    I was diagnosed w/Vit D deficiency a couple years ago took a couple of weeks' worth of prescribed 50k IU Vit D2 and have been taking 10k IU OF Vit D3 daily ever since.
    That brought my VitD reading up to w/in acceptabke levels. B4 that I was only taking 2k IU of VitD3 daily and it was not enough.
  • Hearts_2015
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    I take D3 and D. I hear most Women are quite low when tested for Vitamin D. I think mine was 5?
    It still tests low even taking supplements but not as low. Some foods can leech it out out of your body also some medicines can as well.

    Any of your doctors happen to mention what effect low Vit D can have on your mind and body and mood? I've been reading more and more about depression, energy loss etc. What have you heard or read?
  • skinnyme47
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    I was taking 1000 iu of D3 but it was still low so he increased it to 2000iu. I had read about symptoms of low D and I do have some like weight gain, hbp, etc, but Dr hasn't really mentioned what the symptoms are, just that it was low.
  • ucabucca
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    It took me over a year to get level up combine calcium with vitamin D foods or supplements for better absorption. I used gummies and was taking double dose. I am now on regular dose plus I make sure I get D in foods and have something with calcium at same time. It is worth it blood levels show it and for me bone density level also now up
  • leejoyce31
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    Yes. I was very fatigues and felt bad overall. Been taking 1,000 IU daily since April. It's helped. I was prescribed Vitamin D for 12 weeks prescription strength. Now my doctor has me taking over the counter D3