50 Year Old Female Ready to Start Again

I joined MFP over 2 years ago and lost about 45 pounds, but I lost my motivation and gained most of it back. I am motivated and ready to get serious again. I had a great support group last time, but most of my friends are inactive. Looking for people to come along with me on my journey so we can offer each other support. Anyone with me?


  • bigbear3006
    bigbear3006 Posts: 7 Member
    I just posted something similar over the weekend! I turn 50 in Nov and want to lose 16 #s by then. I would love to help motivate and hold each other accountable!
  • sstrack123
    sstrack123 Posts: 171 Member
    I am 50 and stay active but the past couple weeks I have gotten off track and after logging for couple yrs beginning to lose mojo. Maybe more new motivating friends is what I need to keep me upbeat!!
  • ballardf
    ballardf Posts: 55 Member
    Hi!! Our stories are so similar! I lost 65 back in 2014 and fell Ill. However I went back to my old eating habits and also gained most of it back. It is frustrating but together we can do it! Ive been back on MFP about 2 1/2 weeks and feel so much better already!
  • colleenzlife
    colleenzlife Posts: 28 Member
    Hi, 49yrs old. Been thru the usual good and bad, I'm on an up-streak right now and would like a little motivational help to keep it going, add me....