Looking for friends to motivate and stay accountable

My name is Cathy. I have always struggled with my weight and have reached the point now where I feel disgusted and ready for a lasting change. I have a habit of doing really good and start to see change and then I stop. Not sure why but I do. I gain it back plus some. When I eat healthy and workout out I feel 100X better. I let one bad day throw me off track and ruin all the progress I have made. I would like to meet people as a support team and to help keep each other accountable. If you'd like add me.


  • allieparkia
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    Feel free to add me, always great to have new friends!
  • melaniedscott
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    I'm Melanie...and in a very similar place. Must lose weight and get into better shape. Feel free to add me.
  • ambermarie1226
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    I am at that point also! Need to make a change!
  • shelby13975
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    I'm in the same boat. And I find it harder (maybe some can relate) while I'm trying to eat healthy and get healthy and loose the baby weight. I'm still trying to feed my other 2 kids and they argue with me about the food. So I sometimes give in with nonhealthy choices. Or I'll do good I was in cross fit boot camp for 6 weeks loving it but then lost my sitter so I'm on my own at home. Finding it harder to be motivated.
  • StartEveryDayNew
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    Add me!! I feel the same way
  • cfz2314
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    Work hard and stay positive and all goals can be reached. Feel free to add me
  • chimonetabron2014
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    I do the same thing! It's crazy how that happens BUT we press on & stay positive! You can do it!!! I just came back from vacation so I definitely need to get back to the grind!
  • sstrack123
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    I know the feeling!!! I have been trying to shed the last few pounds and build muscle it seems for the lady several yrs
  • ddubbikermom
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    I would love new friends too!!
  • brionymj
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    This is exactly me!!
  • mikebooker1
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    It's a long road and frustrating at times but so rewarding if you can stick with it. Add me!
  • jcharise16
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    I am the same! One bad day and my diet is done. I usually last maybe a month and i am back to where i started. Feel free to add ne. We can hell wach other stay accountable.
  • curvymegan89
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    Hi everyone, feel free to add me. I'm currently 215lbs, down from 222.6, and my goal weight is 165.
  • TarikOktay
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    Feel free to add me. Support, motivation and discipline is key to succes!
  • well_insulated
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    Hi Cathy! I'm on the same boat :-) i'm determined to loose 50lbs :-) good luck!
  • nell911
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    Hi Kathy
    Feel free to add me, the more the merrier
  • mjohnsonjax
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    Can I be friends with all of you lovely people? Good gosh do I need you! I've gained in excess of 20 pounds over the last six months due to some pretty excessive drinking and a lack of exercise. This time last year, I was cycling 120 miles a week and weightlifting. I lost my job, took a new one in town where I knew no one, and completely fell of the horse.

    It can be hard to stay motivated, and I'd love to connect to the community.
  • Chandra_Lennon
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    I am the same way darlin! A little progress and then something happens and I just stop. Or a bad decision in my food choices and then I feel like I ruin everything. Add me if you'd like. We can certainly help each other!
  • asmithteach
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    Same! I shot you an add!