Who has over 100-200 pounds to lose?

heartnsoulfit Posts: 32 Member
I have 100 plus more to lose. I've lost 200+. No surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise... I would like friends in my boat who are trying to lose 100 plus pounds.

So far:


  • brandymehl10
    brandymehl10 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in the same boat.... just starting out. I have 159lbs to lose
  • kate141987
    kate141987 Posts: 513 Member
    Congrats on how well you've done so far what a difference, best of luck on the rest of your weight loss journey
  • missymelmel2002
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    Wow that's good! I have a lot of weight to lose too and would love to know what you have done this far. I started water aerobics almost a month ago and I love it. I was embarrassed at first to get in the pool in a swimsuit, but I had to make the change for myself and feel better for myself and not worry about others.
  • Suz_8589
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    I have 100 lbs to go myself. Good job, you've come so far!!!
  • Sinnabuns
    Sinnabuns Posts: 4 Member
    I'm shooting for 100 lbs total, although I'll be happy to hit 60. So far have lost 20.
  • Angela937
    Angela937 Posts: 514 Member
    I need to drop 150 pounds
  • morganmcclendon
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    I'm still needing to lose 110 lbs. I have lost 40 so far but have recently amped up the nutrition and exercise. Good luck to everyone!
  • adbe103010
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    Oh my goodness! You are doing amazing! Wow, wow, wow! You give me such hope! I have about 120 pounds to lose and am just getting started. Wow, I am amazed by how far you've come!
  • Jimb376mfp
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    Congrats! I have lost 143 since 1-13. I want to lose 50 more. Now weigh 233.
  • lenoresdream
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    OMG congrats! I have about 130 to loose.
  • finny11122
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    I lost 100 pound today . Horse came second .
  • brianbgboy
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    Sugar_Pill wrote: »
    Wow-- You've done a phenomenal job!

    thank you @Sugar_Pill I appreciate that a LOT!

  • success84
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    I have to lose 180lbs, I'm 31 years old. I'm going to get weight loss surgery soon but I'm still really frustrated and need some motivation...
  • Rabbitsocksgardener
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    Keep up the great work! :smiley:
  • Chilli7777
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    Wow you have done an amazing job! You look gorgeous...well done!
  • Chilli7777
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    finny11122 wrote: »
    I lost 100 pound today . Horse came second .

  • Dona6569
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    You look great!!
  • AdamAthletic
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    You're inspirational, well done you!

    It's threads like this that made me fall in love with this community from day one!