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    I LOVE astrology too. I am a Sagittarius B)

    I know others don't believe in it, but I have noticed relationships that stay together usually married their most compatible sign. I really don't understand the moon and rising signs. If anyone could explain to me?

    I describe it like this:

    Sun - how a person acts
    Moon - how a person feels
    Rising - first impression someone gives

    Thank you! This gives me better perspective. Do you know where I can figure out my sun, moon, and rising signs?
  • BananaBite
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    Sun: Sagittarius
    Moon: Sagittarius
    Ascending Sign: Capricorn
    Midhaven: Pisces
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    Land whale. :(
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    Hey there!! Sun sign = gemini
    Moon sign = cancer
    And rising sign leo!
    Tell me something interesting? :smile:
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    Sun: Sagittarius
    Moon: Cancer
    Ascending: Libra
    Venus: Sagittarius
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    Villae81 wrote: »

    I don't believe in astrology, but I am a Pisces. And of course I always related to it. When I was young I believed very strongly in astrology. I even had my husband's and my chart read in Vedic astrology in India (I was a different sign, can't remember). And funny thing was that my husband and I had complimentary charts on every single point. Astrologer thought I was being young and silly to be in love and want to get married (the astrologer knew my family, particularly my brother because he was living in India), but after the reading he said we should definitely get married. It's funny how I used to believe stuff and now I don't. I'm better off now. But, I still have the feelings from the experiences. So, even though I don't believe. I do understand how it feels.
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    I love astrology! I am a Cancer with Pisces rising and a Taurus moon. :)
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    Taurus cusp of Gemini
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    Sagittarius baby
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    slippery when wet
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