52 and Starting..... again!

I'm a 52 year old, mom of three almost adults, self-employed (working a lot) wife of 27 years. I have struggled nearly my entire life and finally feel very motivated to get this done. I need to lose 75 pounds. I'm looking for a few friends for support, encouragement, sharing. Let me know if you want to be part of a group!


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    I'm a 52 year old, mom of three almost adults, self-employed (working a lot) wife of 27 years. I have struggled nearly my entire life and finally feel very motivated to get this done. I need to lose 75 pounds. I'm looking for a few friends for support, encouragement, sharing. Let me know if you want to be part of a group!
    haha - Judy, you're reading my mail... :)

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    Wow, Looks like you've gotten it done... congrats!
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    You can do this, Judy! I am in a similar situation...I will be 51 tomorrow, mom of 3 (20, 17,& 17) and I'm tired of feeling crappy when I look in the mirror. I want to lose 45 pounds and have watched my neighbor lose over 100 using fitness pal so here goes!
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    I'm turning 53 in September. I'm a mom of 4 and GRANDMA to 1 (they truly are grand!) MFP keeps me accountable and motivation from others keeps it fun! I have found LCHF is easy for me. I tried whole 30 and it was too strict. What way of eating are you all following? Please add me to your friends list. I enjoy reading posts!
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    mom of 3 (20, 17,& 17)
    I'm 49 and the mother of 17 year old twins too! Knowing they'll be out the door in a year has motivated me to focus more on myself and what I'm going to need in the coming years. I'm a newly diagnosed Type II Diabetic, and am working to reduce my insulin use, increase my daily activities and get back to eating clean.

    Theresa K

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    Hey there I'm 50, mother of grown kids and have 7 grandkids. The 4 oldest hang out with me alot, and I get frustrated when they want me to do things with them and I always feel fat and tired. So I started about 6 weeks ago and have took off 14 lbs. Even just took a cruise and was able to lose weight. So I know we can do this. It is all a mind set.
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    Im 49 and starting my weight loss journey all over again, due to health issues. Empty nest syndrome has set in for me. Feel free to add me!!
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    I am 56 and need to loose about 60 pounds and hoping to get guidance here
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    Hi! I'm 48 and have 2 step-sons. And I my husband is the pickiest eater in the world! So often I am cooking for one. Very frustrating! But I'm trying. Again! Went to a dietitian this time! I need to lose 45 lbs. Good luck to all if us!
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    Here I am again too, right back where I started 3 or 4 years ago. I lost about 25 pounds last time then had two bunion surgeries and gained the weight back. I would really love to lose at least 45 pounds.

    I'm 59, mother of three living adult kids and five grandsons ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 18. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. It's very sedentary and I spend almost two hours a day getting to & from work, so I don't move enough. I also have significant arthritis in my knees which makes it painful to talk very far. I'm planning on having knee replacement surgeries on both knees next summer so my doc wants me to loose some weight. I had steroid injections in both knees today (first time ever), does not really seem to be helping so far. My doc also put me on bupropion, an appetite suppressant (also never been on one of those). I've got a recumbent exercise bike I need to start using again. I'm also going to see if I can find a water aerobics class nearby.

    Now all I have to do is keep motivated........

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    I will be 45 in a couple of months, and am a mother to 3 boys ages 16, 20, and 23. I began this life style change 2 weeks ago. I am planning to lose 70lbs. I'm all in for a support and motivational group!!
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    Getting back to normal after a long foot surgery gone awry recovery. Being on the road for 1-yr didn't help with maintaining weight, so, I'm glad to join all of you. Good luck everyone!
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    I'm Michaela, almost 47, married mother of two boys (13,11),in the UK, looking to lose around 30lbs. Feel free to add me!
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    It can be done!!! I'm 55, mom to 4, gma to 6 and a very recent loser after yo-yo dieting most of my adult life! Good luck to you, feel free to add me :)

    You look amazing.....congratulations
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    64 and here everyday. Anyone can add me if they participate by commenting and logging. Positive support from our friends is key.
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    49 here, and after a huge roller coaster of dieting woe, I am now in this to change my lifestyle, not to diet. Feel free to add me as well always looking to support others.
  • I'm 50 and mom to 3 grown kids and 1,14 at home still. Just booked a cruise in October! Wanting to lose 30 lbs before then. Seems like I hit a stalemate and can't lose those pounds. Looking for support and cheerleaders to get it done =)
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    I just turned 55, my one and only awesome daughter just moved to college and I now have a clean tablet to start mapping the next phase of my life. I really just want to wake up healthy and slim without all the aches that the 80 lbs I want to lose imposes, but until that happens could really use the inspiration of others who are sticking to a plan and having success! I'm not yet familiar with using this app for more than calorie tracking. This is my first time reaching out to the support comminuty, not sure I'm going about connecting you motivated folks the right way.
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    I've found that it's easier to keep track of each other if we are in a group, not just posting in a thread. (If there are a bunch of new threads/posts, our thread will get pushed back.) Judy, do you want to start a group and post the link to the invitation here? I think a bunch of us would join...