Why does eating more calories = losing more weight?



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    First of all, my dr. told me I could get by on 1000 calories a day. Yesterday I managed 690. I'm not a big eater, I'm 68 years old, and have very bad knees. I don't exercise because of it. I can ride my bike, except it cripples me for days...but I ride it anyway. I kayak and swim in the summer. I have plenty of energy.....at 1200 calories a day.... I practice (organ) for 3-4 hours per day....I cut split and stack wood by hand and brought home 3 truck loads last Saturday. You are worried about my energy levels and muscle mass or loss of them? I'm not. Then again, I'm not like any of you here. Let's take the testosterone away from the men and see how you function, where your weight goes.....which is one of my reasons for being a bit BLUBBERISH in the first place. Add to it drugs that drag your energy level through the mud, but you're expected to continue to function even though they've slowed you down to a snail's crawl.....and I still get up and get out. 1200 is enough really, really it is....I'm not starving, half of the time I'm not even hungry. My breakfast is my most important meal, followed by a good lunch and a light supper. When I lost 40, that's what I did, and I didn't gain it back either. I'm just trying to do it again, but its more difficult now. Hopefully better heart health and knee health will put me back on skis in the winter (cross country) and I'll be fine.
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    BTW.... I don't binge eat either. AND because of a new health issue I'll need to eat a little bit all day long to see if that works....if not, I'll be cutting the 1200 down as well.
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    You are , what you eat. Remember that quote? If it doesn't go in your mouth, it won't go on your *kitten*? My wife had her teeth out recently and dropped from 156 to 112 pounds in as little as 4 months. When you can't take in nourishment.....you lose.
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    For lasting, steady and safe results, you eat well but in a deficit.
    And you take it slow.
    Too often people over-reach with low calorie crash diets that work great for a season then crater your results and stifle your metabolism. This is why most people regain lost weight.
    If you decide to be a part of that herd, fine!
    Consider it a learning experience.
    Come back when you're ready to get real success with weight loss, general health and overall physical fitness.
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    I'm not crash dieting. I've changed the way I eat. I've slowed down. My metabolism is slower , thanks in part to cardiac drugs. I don't know why I'm here either....everyone is telling me what to do...to gain. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I would also be very worried about muscle loss. At your age, and I don't mean that in a bad way, purely a medical standpoint, eating at such a low level, I doubt very much you're getting the amount of protein you would need to maintain what muscle you have. You're going to put yourself at risk for weakness, bone loss and potential falls. You need to be very careful with this because when you eat that low you don't lose only fat.
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    You are worried about my energy levels and muscle mass or loss of them? I'm not. Then again, I'm not like any of you here.

    I can guarantee you whatever medical issues you may have, someone else here will also have it. You are like all of us here, the same rules of weightloss apply and if you crash diet you will lose muscle mass.
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    Something else to keep in mind, your heart is a muscle and with you having heart issues as it is you are definitely not doing yourself any favors.
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    How much have you lost since you have been on MFP?
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    It's possible to have a low bmr depending on weight/height/age, though it's also very likely you have a metabolic issue if you're really gaining at 1500 calories. Try to see if you can schedule both a thyroid panel and a RMR test. Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain at low calorie intake, and the RMR test should give an accurate BMR value [the bare minimum number of calories you need to just keep your body going].
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    I'm not crash dieting. I've changed the way I eat. I've slowed down. My metabolism is slower , thanks in part to cardiac drugs. I don't know why I'm here either....everyone is telling me what to do...to gain. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You still haven't answered if you use a food scale to determine how many calories you are eating.
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    I registered to this site last week. It was recommended so I decided to give it a try. It took my profile and decided I needed to eat 1500 calories a day. Well doing that and I'm maintaining my present wt. 1200 a day and I lose. I know, I lost 40 pounds two years ago doing 1200 a day. Anything over it and I gain. So far, I lost 3 and now I'm maintaining my present wt....which isn't what the goal is. I have an additional 77 to go. So I changed the parameters this morning. 1200 cal a day which is enough for me. It also had me on 2800 mg.s of sodium. I won't do that at all. I'm no salt, no sugar....so this is going to be interesting for sure. I figure, if you don't put it in your mouth, it won't show up on the scale.

    Yes, that's a big old myth. I think you've got this, except you might be off on your calories and have been eating more than you realize:) I would suggest weighing your food and logging everything you eat. You might be surprised, and able to eat the 1500 without gaining. :)

    Also, because of your heart issues, I suggest talking to your doctor about your weight loss goals, and possibly get a referral to a registered dietician.
    I have this issue aswell and ivw been on it for years lol. I have eat below a 1000 to see a loss or i gain it all back. No joke. Ive tried upping my calories like everyone keep saying on here and i gain back my 3lbs that i lose and regain...

    Last 2 years i was living on salads for lile 6 months lunch and dinner. But this year i discovered joe wicks lean in 15.

    I can keep myself below the 1000 calories by measuring out my food. And i only snack once a day. Its been working for me so far. This year i dont have the same goal insight to push myself for but i do half ou 30lbs left to lose.

    Ive told myself now its gonna take as long as it take to shift it.

    Dont get down about not losing anything this week it happens. Just keep pushing forward it will come off.

    Chrissy, unless you have some medical issue that needs immediate attention or you're super short/super tiny, what you describe cannot be accurate. You say you measure your food-do you actually weigh it? There's a big difference in calories between weighing and using measuring cups/spoons. Do you eat back you exercise calories? if so, which type of exercise and where do you get your calorie burns from?
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    Getting healthy isn't done by starving yourself.

    So much winning here.