Biggest advice from people who have lost 50+lbs

I'm asking anyone who has lost 50+ lbs to share your number one rule to weightloss.


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  • Goodjaz50
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    Find exercise that you LOVE so that you can stick to it. For me, I switch it up: HIIT+Strength 3 days/week, Zumba 2 days/week, personal trainer 2 days/week doing conditioning and weight training. I did boxing for awhile (amazing exercise) until I injured my wrist doing something else. Also, for me I know that I can't eat carbs without gaining weight. So I track on MFP with the goal of keeping carbs below 50 net (carbs - fiber). Finally, I track my steps and do everything possible to hit 10,000 steps/day. But key is nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. All the exercise in the world won't make up for a bad diet. So find a program you like. For some people, it's limiting the variety (eating the same thing every day - not for me). I love to cook so I search for low-carb/high fat recipes and cook something new at least 2x/week. Good luck!