Considering bringing lunch everyday...what are your go-to (non microwavable) easy lunches?

I always eat breakfast at home and lots of dinners at home, but find myself eating out at lunch...lots of salads with grilled chicken and minimal dressing and toppings from places like chick fil a and Wendy's or the grilled chicken cantina power protein bowl from taco bell. I'm over it. I'm to the point where nothing sounds good anymore and I don't want to keep putting so much sodium in my body.
What are some super fast and clean lunches I could bring everyday that do not require a microwave?
Thanks in advance!


  • AngryViking1970
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    I rarely bring anything that requires heating. Lots of times I bring deli turkey and string cheese for lunch; I just make rollups with it and dip them in mustard. Also tuna pouches, smoked oysters on 34 Degree crackers, wasa flatbreads spread with Laughing Cow and topped with ham or roast beef, Buffalo chicken salad and pork rinds...
  • Mycophilia
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    Leftover pizza is my go to lunch.
  • mcducey
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    bring exactly what you want to eat - and that's it! resist that urge to impulse buy food which is likely to be junk anyway. today, like most days, I brought a watered down grapefruit juice, a banana, a peach (in season), two pancakes (left over from Saturday kids!), a fish salad and handful of spring mix (hello Tupperware). My count says I'm eating not enough! Never go through a drive thru again.
  • jenfitnessmama
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    Salads, sandwiches, leftover pizza, veggies and dip...
  • cwolfman13
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  • fishshark
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    i dont work but when i make my husband lunch it cant be meals that need to be warmed up (hes an athlete and does his job outside) i make him a lot of sushi.. he uses a cold pack lol
  • losergood2011
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    I bring a salad. mostly chicken and use lots of varied veggies. My coworkers are always commenting on how jealous they are and its so flipping easy - no hassle no mess- just put it in my fit bowl or mason jar - add the homemade chicken strips done.

    sometimes I get tired of it - then I bring deli meat, romaine leaves and rollup my 'sandwich' sometimes I use daves Killer bread but not often
  • fitmek
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    Mycophilia wrote: »
    Leftover pizza is my go to lunch.
    Assuming it's cold? Yuck! :) Whatever works for you though hehe.

  • Evamutt
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    tuna salad with crackers, cold green beans with balsamic dressing, P&J, cold chicken. home made trail mix
  • zyxst
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »

    PB sammiches got me through 12 years of school.
  • TitaniumTexan
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    I used to rely heavily on deli meat, but then I saw the sodium levels and am now trying to do so less often. I love bringing wrap sandwiches which I make on a high-fiber flour tortilla (corn is healthier but I don't like the taste). Today, for example, it's a laughing cow Chipotle wedge, baby spinach, and rotisserie chicken breast (no skin). Delicious! Other days I'll do hummus and veggie for the wrap filling, or do a Mexican-style one with laughing cow, ground turkey, red bell pepper, and black beans. Pretty much whatever leftovers you have can work inside a wrap! I, too, almost never bring anything that requires heating. I love the Starkist tuna pouches that are marked "low sodium" -- I mix with lemon pepper, finely chopped celery and apple for crunch, and FF Greek yogurt to make a killer healthy version of tuna salad which I bring for lunch and eat plain, or stuffed into tomatos, or on low-sodium crackers. Best wishes finding options that work for you!
  • Spliner1969
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    Today I am having 6 oz of Smithfield slow cooked pulled pork on a 80 calorie wheat bun with a fried egg for around 40g of protein and under 500 cals .. drool.. sodium might be off the chart but I just. don't. care. hehe
  • Dublinmum
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    Goats cheese, beetroot, nuts and tomato salad with a little vinaigrette - yum. Avocado and tuna salad. Consider buying a wide necked thermos so you can bring warmed soups and stews from home
  • JenSD6
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    Since it was almost impossible to use the work microwave at lunch time, I just got used to room temperature leftovers. I even found some leftovers are tastier not reheated (but not cold from the fridge).
  • J72FIT
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    2 cups of spinach, 1 large or 2 small apples diced up, 2oz nuts of your choice (mine is roasted sunflower seeds) and a protein of your choice, done...
  • rsleighty
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    Roasted red pepper hummus, swiss cheese, tomato, sliced onion and dill pickle on sandwich thins.

    Sliced mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil on a bagel or ciabatta bread.

    Salad with black beans, corn, halved grape tomatoes, diced cucumbers, diced onions and orange bell pepper. Make a basic viniagrette with cumin and chili powder, salt and pepper. Mix in either pasta, rice or quinoa. (This makes a wonderful and filling salad. We serve a variation of it where I work. It is a huge hit!)
  • RoseTheWarrior
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    I love my salads for lunch: romaine lettuce, spinach, turkey or chicken, carrot matchsticks, green onion, and then fresh strawberries or Craisins, with lite ranch dressing. Very filling, very flavorful.
  • jgnatca
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    Leftovers in a wrap with a little shredded cheese.

    Salad with cold chicken on top; dressing stored separately. with Wasa crackers.
  • KDar1988
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    Lately mason jar salads. Mostly I bring leftovers so I'm using the microwave a lot. I eat breakfast and lunch at work.