What is the most accurate step tracker out there?

B) What is the most accurate step tracker out there? B)
Also if only using phone which app is the most accurate?


  • lisabridwell
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    Simple can sometimes be good. I use the app called Sleep Gadget on iOS. It's so basic and you just click "sleep" right before you go to sleep, and "wake" in the morning. So simple, but gives reports and tracking that's helpful. I don't need to track anything more than if I'm getting enough hours, so it works for me.
  • ElleMay1978
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    I have a Fitbit charge hr. It's a step, sleep and heart rate tracker. It's good for motivation and shows how many calories I am burning.
  • RoxieDawn
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    There really is not one categorized as the "most accurate step tracker". If you want just a step tracker then a basic tracker will do. But if you want one that has multiple functionality like sleep tracking, step tracker, exercise tracking, calories in/out, sync with MFP, heart rate monitor, and more.. then you need to decide what you need in a tracker how much you plan to spend etc.. Fitbit, Garmin, all the way down to a basic step counter that might only cost 15.00 to 20.00, etc.

    Most acruate can come to play the more data or calibration you can give it, but this depends on what you buy and how much calibration you are allowed to setup. For example your heart rate data, walking stride, running stride. The devices are all basic calculations, however they are still only estimations.

    If you want basic apps, MapMyWalk, MapMyRun, Runtastic, Strava, etc. will all do about the same things depending on your phone Iphone or Android.

    edited to add: if you want something that sync with MFP go to the apps section in MFP and look at all the pairing devices MFP supports, this might help you with some things to research for making a proper choice.
  • rugbyishy
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    I have a garmin, its ok but if im pushing pram i put it in my sock so get a reading as it doesnt read it. Id admit mostly use it as a watch
  • Damien_K
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    Garmin Fenix 3 is spot on and as a trail runner I can vouch for its accuracy...however it is not cheap but well worth the money.
  • GYATagain
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    Really depends on how much you wish to spend. Ive had from simple pedometers you attach to belt that came free from wellness check to a FitBit Flex and now I have a FitBit Charge HR. Depending on how much you move your arm also while not actually moving as to the accuracy. I take mine off while doing some tasks at my desk since it counts steps even then and I'm not walking. It is motivation to keep moving.
  • karahm78
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    Personally we have found the clip on vs arm trackers to be more accurate as far as step counting goes. DH and I both have Fitbit Ones, we can go on a hike and our results be within 50 steps of each other (can easily be where different paths were taken).
  • johnneedhamSr
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    Thanks for the replies. I do want to avoid the incorrect registering of step from arm movement since I use my arms vigorously all day at work filling shelves with bread, lifting bread, loading equipment and so on.
  • ronjsteele1
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    I have found my Misfit Shine to be pretty darn accurate. When MFP states how many calories an activity burns, I find my tracker shows less but falls in line with what most people say about "eating back half your exercise calories." It syncs well with MFP and I can wear it wrist or it has a clip on if I want to use that. Battery life is really good. I probably only have to put a new battery in it every 3-4 months. For $50, this was by far the best one for me. I did not want a Fitbit b/c they seem to have reliability issues and I did not want one that had to be charged. I've had no issues in 9 months of having my tracker. Not one.
  • I have been using the Sport line 3477 pedometer for about 7 years now. It has been more accurate than any Fit bit or what ever gadget I have tried to replace it with. So here I am. With this old beat up thing. One day it will croak and I don't know how I will live out the rest of my days with my step count becoming a mystery. It has seen it's share of abuse as you can see. oe3ouh6qctrb.jpg
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    I've been looking at a new gadget called Bio Ring.I ts going to be able to calculate calories eaten without logging. It comes out in November, and I am super excited.
  • Georg
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    I'm back at MFP after several years of slacking & I'm puzzled by all these tracking gadgets. I don't really get it. 10 years ago I used a little pedometer & it matched MFP calories burned almost exactly.
    Now I'm using MapMyWalk, & it synches with MFP. The calories burned are the same.
    Do I need to track my steps, too? What am I missing?
  • Orphia
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    I lost 80 lbs in 12 months and I ate 50-75% of my Fitbit Charge HR exercise calories back when MFP was set to "lose weight".

    I've now maintained my goal weight since April and I eat 100% of my Fitbit exercise calories back with MFP set to "maintain weight".

    I'm quite sure my Fitbit is very accurate.