Where'd your username come from?



  • ste73
    ste73 Posts: 90
    name and year of birth.. yep boring I know lol
  • jalapenos
    jalapenos Posts: 345 Member
    My love for hot- spicy, can breathe, cal 911-food!
    Everything else is just bland. Yes, I know, I have killed my tastebuds.
  • nilla32zoe
    nilla32zoe Posts: 18
    MY name comes from a former nickname "vanilla" (shortened) 32 fave number and Zoe is my fave cat (who passed away 2 yrs ago).
  • MuchMovement
    MuchMovement Posts: 100
    I wanted "movement" since it is what I focus on doing the most throughout the day. Movement was taken, so I tried to take a more powerful stance. :)
  • Anna - the four middle letters of my real name (hannah) and bell because its the first thing that popped into my head and 92 because thats when I was born : )
  • swingin: easy, I dance west coast swing. Used to do it obsessively and competitively, now do it only rarely and socially... but once I lose all the weight, I probably will compete again.

    chandra: kinda a long story - but it has personal significance to me, and has turned into my online moniker for almost everything.

    It's pretty funny, I think half the time when I join a new forum, someone asks me if I'm into group sex... NO! And if I was, I wouldn't be shouting it on the internet... lol.
  • Jessamin
    Jessamin Posts: 338 Member
    It's my name. Eh heh.
  • squishyjenn
    squishyjenn Posts: 237 Member
    When I signed up for online dating I was trying to think of an honest username, so since I'm fat, aka squishy, I went with SquishyJenn lol. Now I kinda use it for everything. Since we get 1 chance to change our usernames on MFP I plan to change it to SkinnyJenn when I lose my weight. But, I really like SquishyJenn!
  • Iam918
    Iam918 Posts: 118 Member
    918 is phx pd code for Insane Person.
  • bakebunny
    bakebunny Posts: 253
    I love rabbits and have since I was a kid, so nearly every user name I use has either rabbit or bunny in it. When I first started using Yahoo IM, friends sugested I should use something I love to do as part of my username. I was going for bakerbunny, but fast fingers turned it into bakebunny... and it's stuck. :laugh:
  • glasielady
    glasielady Posts: 34 Member
    My husband and I did antique and collectible shows and we specialized in depression glass and I sold glass on ebay, hence the name glasielady.
  • Carbjunky
    Carbjunky Posts: 2 Member
    Hi all,

    I am new here as of about 5 minutes ago. I have a LOT of weight to lose, and am hoping to give and get friendly support here.
    Re: my username, well I guess it speaks for itself, LOL. I just thought of it one day, while trying to come up with a user name.
    Unfortunately, it suits me very well, a little too well LOL.
  • RozeGod
    RozeGod Posts: 118
    My name is Rose and my last name begins with God.....
  • NicLiving
    NicLiving Posts: 281 Member
    Like you, I chose the first 3 letters of my first name and 6 of the last name. Makes for a nice license plate too =)
  • Lou05
    Lou05 Posts: 66 Member
    My nickname Doozer - (for those that may remember, the Doozers are the non-stop workers that lived beneath Fraggle Rock.) and my initials.

    loved that show ,my husband now calls one of my little boys it as a nickname
  • talrcat
    talrcat Posts: 97 Member
    My initials are TAL and I love cats, but didn't want my name to be talcat... My last name is LaR******* so I added the R to make it talrcat!
  • cameralinds
    cameralinds Posts: 239
    My name is Lindsey. I'm not that into photography but my username is more of a play on words.
  • AshDHart
    AshDHart Posts: 818 Member
    Many moons ago my husband worked for AOL. He created Kajehart out of his first, middle, and last name as his user name since he was told to keep it professional. So I created one for me the same way. Years later it has stuck and we have created our "personal brand" with it online for business. We are AshDHart and Kajehart everywhere. We even bought the .com domains.
  • Lou05
    Lou05 Posts: 66 Member
    mine is my first in short and 05 is part of my email.

    when i first joined i was weasel05 which my hubby has always called me weasel and 05 is the same.x
  • deewildwoman
    deewildwoman Posts: 120 Member
    My first name is DeeAnne and everyone call's me Dee. WildWoman was a nickname given to me by a college roomated because of the practical jokes I used to play.