Ladies that have had c-section have any progress pics?

Hi, I'm BreAnne and I've have 3 c-sections. I gained 110 pounds with my first son. I'm 5'0 and my weight was 180 when I started my journey to get healthy. Any of you ladies have any success pics of your belly? I worry that I'll always have this horrible flap of fat hanging under my stomach from my c-section, and would like to see yalls after photos. :)


  • MoveitlikeManda
    MoveitlikeManda Posts: 846 Member
    iv not got any pics, BUT I had my first c section in November 2015, after an awful recovery (thats still on going due to problems I had with the wound and scaring) I statred to count calories again in june this year. so farm Im down just over a stone and my "over hang" is alrady smaller.

    when I saw the doctor this month she said she could see a big differernce in it already and her plan to refere me to have the skin and my scar removed once in at goal weight might not be needed now if it continues to shrink like it already has been.

    but she did say that the scar from c section creates like a hinge which is why we get the over hang so even once i lost he weight there may still be a "slight" over hang just at the scar but it is possible for it to go in time
  • vap91179
    vap91179 Posts: 5 Member
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    No pics from me either, as I'm still in progress. After my third (no c-sections), I was at 180 as well and 5'0" so I'm interested in seeing similar progress pics. I've gotten to 162 counting calories loosely over the past 2 years but am really trying to tighten up on the counting and working out (loving lifting weights right now). I can tell you overhang is there on no c-section births as well
  • envywhite82
    envywhite82 Posts: 4 Member
    I have no pics as well. But I will soon I've had two c sections and I have stretch marks every where. But so far my skin is snapping back. Just keep your tummy moisturized. Try out hot yoga classes I'm already seeing a difference.
  • Healthy_4_Life2
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    Yes, I have had 3 C Sections. I have 4 children. Take a look at my post here. Too much to repost. Hope it inspires you.
  • MoveitlikeManda
    MoveitlikeManda Posts: 846 Member
    my section was my first one but was 5th baby and yes i had a over hang with them too but nowhere like after my section
  • BreAnne8182
    BreAnne8182 Posts: 7 Member
    Yes, I have had 3 C Sections. I have 4 children. Take a look at my post here. Too much to repost. Hope it inspires you.

    Girl you look awesome! I sure wouldn't complain if my stomach looked like yours! Yes, you definitely have inspired me! Thank you!
  • ljread1
    ljread1 Posts: 19 Member
    You've done so well. What kind of strength training are you doing?
  • Kristi26
    Kristi26 Posts: 184 Member
    No pics but wanted to say I've had four c-sections. I too am working on that overhang! I'm down 11 pounds now and am starting to see it get smaller.
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,646 Member
    I had 2 c-sections and 3 VABCS and I was able to get rid of the overhang with dieting, heavy lifting, and patience. I am going to have a c-section with this little one and will do the same thing.

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