Roller Derby!

I enjoy roller derby and I want my exercise and weight loss journey to ultimately lead to better results on the track.

Derby folks! What is the best way that you have found to logging your scrimmage and bouting workouts on MFP?

How high do you set your protein goals?


Calla Booty
Columbia, MO

P.S. Anybody going to BMH?


  • BrunetteWife
    BrunetteWife Posts: 2,108 Member
    I just passed my basic skills over here. I'm still figuring out all my stuff too. Just figured I'd say hi neighbor! I'm from Fariview Hgts IL on Confluence Crush.
  • bookstitch
    bookstitch Posts: 86 Member
    Hey, I just joined Fresh Meat and just had my 5th practice. Just looking to talk with more derby girls and learn all that I can. I am super derby new and new to skates. This is extremely challenging and I just want to succeed.
  • beckina
    beckina Posts: 2 Member
    Hi, I joined Fresh Muscle and totally loving the skating, camaraderie, and the physical and mental challenge. I want to support getting stronger and more agile by eating better.
  • crackpotbaby
    crackpotbaby Posts: 1,297 Member
    I played from 2009 to about 2013.

    I would log it just as roller skating. Only count the time you are actually scrimmaging/bouting not your time on the bench and between drills.
  • KDar1988
    KDar1988 Posts: 650 Member
    Roller derby is awesome! My daughter was on a junior derby team when she was in her teens. I skate, but I don't do derby. I wish there were teams around when I was younger, I'd have done it! Just wanted to say HAVE FUN!!