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Fav vegetable?



  • ARGriffy
    ARGriffy Posts: 1,002 Member
    Beetroot, grated raw, pickled, smoked, roasted. .. The lot! And asparagus drizzled in balsamic and grilled!
  • Elise4270
    Elise4270 Posts: 8,375 Member
    Tomato sauce on pizza :tongue:
  • 85Cardinals
    85Cardinals Posts: 733 Member
    edited September 2016
    potato ftw! Potato is a first ballot Hall of Fame vegetable. Sweet potato honorable mention.
  • bethannien
    bethannien Posts: 556 Member
    Raw-cauliflower (dipped in ranch or hummus if I have the calories but plain is good too). Broccoli chopped up with kale and tossed in a little dressing. Baby carrots.

    Cooked-roasted asparagus (with olive oil and salt and pepper). Roasted Brussel sprouts. Roasted carrots. Steamed broccoli (but still with some bite. I HATE over steamed broccoli) either sprinkled with Parmesan cheese or just salted.

  • sfcrocker
    sfcrocker Posts: 163 Member
    Raw--Bell peppers
    Cooked--Broccoli or peas
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,145 Member
    If I didn't say potatoes, my ancestors would rise up and kill me.
  • JustMissTracy
    JustMissTracy Posts: 6,338 Member
    Easier to say which ones I don't like:
    1. Eggplant
    2. Asparagus
  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,137 Member
    I love all veggies with the exception of okra-ugh-not for me!
    I can't eat raw broccoli or spinach or I get awful stomach pain.
    Otherwise I steam or roast my veggies and mix them with olive oil and spices.
    I like to dip raw carrots in hummus.
    I also love all different veggies in a spicy tomato broth.
  • alyssa0061
    alyssa0061 Posts: 652 Member
    Brussel sprouts!!!
  • TonyB0588
    TonyB0588 Posts: 9,520 Member
    zyxst wrote: »
    If I didn't say potatoes, my ancestors would rise up and kill me.

    Is potato really a vegetable??
  • maryerline
    maryerline Posts: 72 Member
    I haven't met a vegetable I don't like. Love fresh tomatoes, salad greens like arugula with lemon and Parmesan. Thinly sliced red cabbage slaw. Raw peppers and cucumbers for dipping in hummus or tzatziki. Roasted squash, eggplant, corn, sweet potatoes lol. Give me all of 'em!
  • OneHundredToLose
    OneHundredToLose Posts: 8,523 Member
    I am a weapon sent back in time with the sole programmed purpose to annihilate carrots, one at a time.
  • allyssabebe
    allyssabebe Posts: 22 Member
    Raw: broccoli (love it both ways!), cucumber, bell peppers, jalapeños (if you dare!), carrots, celery, sprouts, lettuce/leaves, and weirdly mushrooms.


    Broccoli - steamed is the BEST! I steam it for about 4-5 minutes so it's got some crunch (I also don't cut the stems) and then add salt, peppers, my chicken and steak seasoning and smoked paprika... SO GOOD!

    Brussels sprouts - posting my recipe on here soon, you gotta roast them yuuuum!!!

    Cauliflower: similar to broccoli! When I was vegan I'd turn these into steaks, "wings", rice, pizza crust, you name it.

    Green beans: steamed!!

    Edamame: generic but so darn good hot or cold.

    Zucchini: staple. I do doodles, cut up into cubes for pasta/stir fry ugh it's so hearty, really fills you.

    Mushrooms: protein! Also good on literally anything

    Broccolini: similar to broccoli, milder taste. Looks pretty too lol

    All I got for now
  • BinaryPulsar
    BinaryPulsar Posts: 8,927 Member
    My favorite steamed: lots of carrots, a little broccoli, a little butternut squash, a lot of mixed greens: Red chard (my favorite), red kale, collard greens. Sometimes I add a little parsnips. I put olive oil on them. The carrots add sweetness. Red Cabbage is another option.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    I generally love all vegetables, cooked, raw, doesn't matter, and I don't even need to roast them to enjoy them. I can eat them overcooked into mush and still enjoy them, simply blanched and crispy, roasted, in soups and stews and all kinds of dishes. I just enjoy the taste no matter how they're prepared. They have always made the bulk of my diet.

    Tomatoes, raw, I eat them like apples every single day in pounds. I also use them in cooking as sauce or even a simply dice.

    Potatoes in all their forms are a must at least a few times a week. Baked, boiled, fried, in soups, salads, mashed, diced, whole, in all kinds of dishes (made a potato mushroom ragout yesterday that was heaven in a bowl).

    I also love cauliflower and broccoli. From simply steamed to involved multi-step recipes. All is good.

    I love zucchini, grape leaves and cabbage, especially stuffed. I'm actually one of the few people who actually enjoyed the cabbage soup from the cabbage soup diet. The diet itself, though, not so much.

    Eggplant in all forms, roasted, fried (these oil sponge devils), and in recipes, even raw. When I was a kid and mom was preparing and sweating eggplant, I always hovered to take a slice or two of the salty goodness while she wasn't looking.

    I really don't know how to answer this question. Maybe easier to list vegetables that I don't like? 1. sweet potatoes 2. beets 3. celery (I like the taste but I hate the itch, I'm mildly allergic). End of list.

  • Kelbelb75
    Kelbelb75 Posts: 90 Member
    Raw: carrots
    Cooked: baked sweet potatoes + silverbeet
  • dice80
    dice80 Posts: 84 Member
    I can only pick one? lol I love most veggies
  • jemhh
    jemhh Posts: 14,261 Member
    TonyB0588 wrote: »
    zyxst wrote: »
    If I didn't say potatoes, my ancestors would rise up and kill me.

    Is potato really a vegetable??

    Yes. It is a root vegetable.