Old(ish) Guy Looking for accountability buddies

I'm 52, married, and have been on mfp before when I managed to lose 50 pounds but have since gained most of it back.

I've been back on here for 9 weeks and have been fairly sensible, but I can already see that I'm not finishing my logging entries on days where I'm being a bit lax, and I'm still making the occasional bad choice.
Would love to have some friends on here that are the type that take an active interest in each other, are happy to cajole a bit but are happy to joke around too.

I started at 267, and at 6'2, I'm thinking I should be aiming to be under 200 probably.
Anyone want to help me get there ?


  • 3nnui
    3nnui Posts: 21 Member
    46 and in similar position. 6'1 and started at 278. Now 248 but I also want to get under 200. Invite sent
  • benizzy
    benizzy Posts: 1 Member
    Sent a friend request!
  • Adding you, but I have the same problem with not finishing logging my day. I'm on several times a day. See ya around!
  • Pete1964AK
    Pete1964AK Posts: 85 Member
    Thanks for the friend requests.
    Got quite a few which is nice, but also brings so much pressure. Better get my act together now people are keeping an eye on me............ :D
  • rsclause
    rsclause Posts: 3,103 Member
    I have just realized I have no idea how to send a friend request, is there a button? Anyway I have a couple of years on you and would be happy to bust your chops when you start gaining. feel free to add me. Came here 2 1/2 years ago and lost 53 pounds. I then put twenty back on and I am now trying to get down to a better weight. I have about 12 left to go.
  • triciale555
    triciale555 Posts: 57 Member
    Sending a request also. It's easy for me to log at work but when I get home, sometimes I'm too busy.
  • jva2000
    jva2000 Posts: 1 Member
    Similar story here. I'm 53 and need to lose about 40ish lbs. Done it before with the help of MFP but had no accountability/support set up so gained it and more back again. Currently 5'5" and 206lbs. Please count me in as I want to see less of myself! Request sent.
  • wdunton6462
    wdunton6462 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm with you. I'm 51, 6' started at 275, lost 50, gained it back and now down to about 205. Now that I'm getting closer to a somewhat normal weight i can tell I'm wanting to slack off. I need some accountability too!
  • theclaw900
    theclaw900 Posts: 320 Member
    With you, 57 and still kicking.
  • wi_maint_man
    wi_maint_man Posts: 99 Member
    I'm 49 , my goal is 200 lbs, I recently gain 6 lbs due to sitting on my butt after ankle surgery. I'm currently 222