Breast size



  • ladyreva78
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    total of 25kg lost in the last two years...

    I gained a cup size :cry: My doctor had to do a double take when he saw me the last time. It would have been funny if it weren't so depressing. :unamused:

    They're already frigging HUGE and now they're even bigger.
  • merryward13
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    I'm down about 50 lbs so far and my size went from a 38 C to a 36 B.
  • amusedmonkey
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    It depends on genetics. Yes, overall I lost in both cup and band after losing 100 pounds, but it looks like I did not lose in cup because cup size gets smaller as band gets smaller. I went from 46HH to 34HH. I suspect my band won't be going much lower because I'm already relatively lean around the ribcage, so I expect it to stop at about 32 and any further decrease will be in cup (hopefully).
  • unnichaacko
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    I remember posting a similar question four/five days ago. I was a 34B, I am at 34AA now. But that has nothing to do with my weight since it hasn't changed a bit, I was 101, I am still 101. Just that, I have recently started heavy lifting and my activity has increased significantly since I have joined a semi-professional sport team.
  • MsAmandaNJ
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    My band size has stayed the same, but the cup size changed. The first time I lost a lot of weight, the sight of my deflated breasts made me cry. Now that they're a bit smaller again, I've noticed how uneven they are...there's a lot more room in the right cup. I'm okay with it and I don't cry about them anymore, except when they swell up like balloons every month.
  • DEBOO7
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    I've lost 78b over a few years. Gone from a 38G to a 32F. I've still got another 10-11lb to drop so am hoping to be down to a 30F or even an E!
  • zyxst
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    Depends on how much breast tissue you have. I've lost most of the fat on/around my breasts so they've shrunk, but they're firmer because there's not as much fat on top of them.
  • lithezebra
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    Yes, and I'm happy to be smaller. Large breasts are fine on other people, but not my thing.
  • selina884
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    Not sure but mine has NEVER changed in size and I am on the larger end.

    There was a point where I wanted to go down by 2 sizes but now I love them.
  • YvetteK2015
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    I hope I go down. I'm a 38D now. I used to be a 34C. That's what I want to be again
  • KyleGrace8
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    Yes, when I was much thicker mine were DD's but now they're just 1 D. Went from a band size of 38-40 to 34 so far. I was surprised to lose most of my inches in the waist but some of the girls went too. I'll take it bc I look and feel better overall and they didn't disappear so there's that!
  • MissusMoon
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    edited September 2016
    Mine are scaling down with my body size. At size 22 I had 44DDD. At size 10 I'm at a 40DD. You can actually see in my photo.
  • kendallvon
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    After losing 170#, I've gone from a 52 G/H to a 36 D. A supportive bra is my best friend. Otherwise, I look like I have 2 tube socks hanging from my chest. :wink:
  • laur357
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    I've lost 65 lbs - went from a 38DDD to a 36DD, and I could probably use a slightly smaller band. My family has larger breasts regardless of their overall body size. More overall breast tissue, I guess. I don't think they're going to go smaller than a D, ever.
  • Lounmoun
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    Not much change for me. 28 lbs and my chest is maybe 1" smaller. My breasts don't look deflated.
  • Francl27
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    Lounmoun wrote: »
    Not much change for me. 28 lbs and my chest is maybe 1" smaller. My breasts don't look deflated.

    I'm lucky honestly. Obviously I'm 38 and at 34 D they're not going to be very perky but they really don't look bad considering I've lost 80 pounds.
  • selina884
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    to all sharing their large sizes - I just wanted to point out that I am bigger than you all and perky.

    So there.
  • RhapsodyWinters
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    I've only lost 11 lb so far, but for me it seems like I'm losing more band size at the moment. Some lose breast tissue, some don't. ; ; I'm one that likely will. I started a 46I, now I think I'm like....44I or 44J. Something like that. I still have 120 lb to lose :'(

    I'm sad because I don't like the idea of deflated boobs
  • mph323
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    selina884 wrote: »
    to all sharing their large sizes - I just wanted to point out that I am bigger than you all and perky.

    So there.

    Haha! I had a breast reduction about 15 years ago and was perky for a few years - sadly it didn't last :smile: