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    I've lost probably 10-14" in my chest with around 130 lbs lost. I don't know exactly because unfortunately didn't keep track of my measurements (any of them, not just my chest). I was firmly in denial land. I was pushing a UK K cup, I'm sure, because my bras were too small & I was also too cheap to buy new ones. I have dense tissue & I'm still busty now in maintenance, but I can bend over to brush my teeth & they no longer rest on the counter, so I'm happy. I was hoping to get 2 cups smaller than I did so there would be more bra choices available. I would never have claimed to be perky, even before I lost weight. Only a good surgeon would help with that & when I had the money, I decided to fix my tummy.
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    selina884 wrote: »
    to all sharing their large sizes - I just wanted to point out that I am bigger than you all and perky.

    So there.


    Wow what a jerk response. I actually wanted to use a few other choice words, but someone here has to have common decency.

    Don't post in threads I'd you're going to be an *kitten* about it.
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    Yup.. sadly they deflate like balloons.

    Sigh, so true
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    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to just target one area. Breasts gain their size from fat and milk. During pregnancy, that's why they grow. But, a LOT of it has to do with the fat.

    When I weighed more, I noticed my breasts were larger (D cup), and the moment I dropped 20 pounds, they were beginning to be barely there!A woman's body stores fat normally around her hips, thighs, and breasts. They'll also be the first places that the fat will disappear from. If you want to keep your breasts, then simply go for toned and healthy, not weight loss. If you want to lose the weight, you'll have to give up your larger chest, sadly.

    Toning your abs and your pecs should help. Don't worry about losing weight, so much as you should worry about toning up and staying fit. Be the healthiest you can be, and if you want to keep your bigger chest, just work on toning and not calories and weight. Heck, don't even really worry about WEIGHT. Weight is a general thing that people think is important. It's not. Everyone will weigh something different, even if they're healthy or even super skinny. I weigh MORE, simply because I have dense bones. I don't look fat (now I do, since I've been pregnant the last three months), but I weigh more than the average girl my age and height.

    Good luck on your diet! Just focus on eating healthy and staying fit! Don't stress yourself, and enjoy feeling better with the exercise and vitamin-rich foods!
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    My breast are HUGE! I am very thankful for this topic. I want to lose weight in my breast so bad!
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    I have lost 79lbs and dropped 4 pants size,but only one shirt size because they won't shrink. Frustrating lol
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    My band size going down but my cup size still the same . 40DD to 38DD.. At my ideal weight,(the one I am working on) I was a size 34DD and a size 10. I inheredity the boobs but myhusband love it!! Lol
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    I've lost 60lbs so far (10 vanity pounds to go) and the girls are starting to look a little sad :( Still better than being 60+ lbs overweight though!
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    Lost 8 lbs the first month. Waist measurement increased 1/2 inch, hips stayed the same, bust--lost 2 inches. Guess I know where the weight came off first! :) Very ok with it though, as I do not like being so busty.
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    Ive lost 35kg over the last year i only went down one cup size. Even though i breast fed 2 kids the doctor said that the rest is breast tissue so if i want smaller i will need a reduction. Although I'd love smaller ones these still hurt my back.
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    yes ive only lost 7lbs so far and I've gone down 3" on my back and half a cup size down already. I'm a 36 ff but now need a 34 ff and my idea goal is 30 dd.
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    At 148 I was a 32GG
    At 118 I am a 30FF
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    I've lost 70 lbs and went from a 40H to a 36DD.
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    Oh yeah! When I gained from 200 to 220 pretty quickly they seemed massive, not that they actually were but they grew so quickly. Down 17 pounds and they're almost back to normal. My boobs are the first thing to go which makes me oddly shaped for a while, but also motivates me to keep going.
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    Oh yes. At my heaviest my bra size was 42 F. 77 pounds down it's 34 D. Still shrinking . ..
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    I'm down 20lbs so far and so far, no difference but because the rest of me is smaller, they look bigger. Which is kind of annoying really, I'm an awkward size!
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    When I began, I was wearing a 38 DDD bra (probably needed a 40 or 42 band size because it was too tight and left marks on my skin). After 65 lbs. lost I'm wearing a 34 DDD, but it doesn't quite fit right. I'm spilling out of the cups in the front and sides. I'm going to wait before buying another bra to see if I will eventually fit in my current one better.

    All and all, I'm disappointed in how they are looking. I have loose skin on my chest so it wrinkles in my bra. They are also deflated, soft and jiggly. I've always had saggy breasts, but at least they were firm and full before. I still have 40 more lbs. until I reached my goal, so I'm nervous on the end result.
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    I went from small to smallest. I'm about a 32B..ish. I don't even bother with cup sizes. I buy a wireless bra from Uniqlo in XS.
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    I'm down a couple of sizes after 40 lbs lost, from UK size 34H worn with an extender, to 32G/34F that fits comfortably. But I've lost so much weight around my waist (from over 36 inches to under 29 inches now) that they still look absolutely massive in proportion to my narrow torso.
    Both my hips and my breasts seem rather resistant to reduction in circumference - while I've lost at least seven inches around my waist, I only lost about an inch from my hips and chest.