Comment below if you want friends!!!



  • Phoenix_2015
    Phoenix_2015 Posts: 499 Member
    Welcoming all with open arms here in Ontario Canada.
  • runwmeNC
    runwmeNC Posts: 612 Member
    David here from Tampa Bay Florida (Apollo Beach)
  • madmo1965
    madmo1965 Posts: 3 Member
    John here from Eastern Washington
  • JohnMcCloskey79
    JohnMcCloskey79 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I'm John from The Boro in Tennessee!! Trying to get back to my Army weight of 207 starting from 280...yikes!
  • LiveStellar
    LiveStellar Posts: 9 Member
    Hello everyone! I am Christina from DFW Texas. Was active on here in 2016, just getting back into the swing of things. Looking to add new friends for motivation and support. Please add me as a friend if you would like to.
  • Aaronc118
    Aaronc118 Posts: 8 Member
    edited October 2016
    Hi, I'm Aaron from NYC and I have been on MFP for almost a year now. But never really ventured into the community forums. Anyhow I wouldn't mind adding some folks to my friends list or being added to yours. Good luck with your fitness goals everyone!
  • LiveStellar
    LiveStellar Posts: 9 Member
    correction, i was on here in 2015. just getting back into it. I am currently 323 pounds. I want to be under 200. Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • lisamarsh73
    lisamarsh73 Posts: 1 Member
    Lisa from Alabama. Getting started and need all friends and support I can get!!! Please add me!
  • TGTiger
    TGTiger Posts: 265 Member
    SW Florida here!
  • KKE23
    KKE23 Posts: 19 Member
    edited October 2016
    New to mfp looking for friends. My name is Kristin and I'm from Iowa
  • salisburyalex
    salisburyalex Posts: 35 Member
    Alexander from Central California here. Not new to fitness but new to the idea of a fitness community. Give me an add.
  • BlakeRudolf31
    BlakeRudolf31 Posts: 36 Member
    Minnesota here! Feel free to add me!
  • Hey everyone! Add me! Looking for new friends too! From Massachusetts! Lol need to get this ball rolling and be healthy again! XD
  • cynthypitt
    cynthypitt Posts: 7 Member
    I'm Cindy from the Cornhusker State - Nebraska! I am new to this - I could use some friends!
  • CraftyPants77
    CraftyPants77 Posts: 49 Member
    Kristen from New Jersey! Always looking to create a bigger mutual support system! <3
  • MamaKortney
    MamaKortney Posts: 15 Member
    Hey anyone can add me as a friend!
  • dws00
    dws00 Posts: 159 Member
    New to the app, looking for motivation.
  • amandalouisemfp
    amandalouisemfp Posts: 25 Member
    Hi, I just rejoined mfp after a few months break and I need friends! I like to interact and be supportive, no silent friends please :)
  • miissalexandria
    miissalexandria Posts: 430 Member
    I may have commented on this before, but always looking! Add me!
  • JourneyMan1976
    JourneyMan1976 Posts: 41 Member
    Active and motivated, feel the same? Add me!