Getting there !

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I want to start by saying I'm nowhere near done , but I'm so much closer to being there than I would have been if I never started ! I feel better everyday ! I can see the final prize in my future ! I'm so thankful to MyFitnessPal ! My lifestyle change started on 1/6/2016 and I will continue to log for as long as needed to keep me focused ! I have friends daily telling me not to get to skinny haha ! I'm far from skinny heck I'm still obese for the next seven pounds then I have a while to go being over weight ! I know they mean well but to anyone who has never been fat and miserable they just don't understand !

SW :314
CW :209
GW :170ish
I'm 5 ft 9 in

I started off drinking 20 cups of water a day now drinking 15 cups a day ! I eat what I want as long as it fits in my calorie allotment ! I haven't exercised once so far in this journey but plan on starting at some point ! I wish you all the best and my food diary is open I'm always looking for friends !


  • Nightmare_Queen88
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    Congratulations on your progress so far. You look amazing and I'm sure you feel amazing too. Good luck with the rest of your journey and you can feel free to add me if you'd like. :)
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    Amazing job well done! I love you in the dress. Keep up the hard work!! <3
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    You look amazing thanks for inspiration!
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    Wow - You look so much younger! Great job
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    Great job - keep of the good work
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    You are doing so very well! Congratulations! :mrgreen:
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    Thanks so much for sharing your progress. You look amazing! I bet you feel even better. Good luck as you venture to your final goal. Also.. amazing you did all that without exercise.
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    Great progress!
  • Snicolej
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    Thank you all !
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    Great job! You are beautiful and look so much healthier!
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    THUD!! That noise was my jaw hitting the floor. I had to look at the pix 3 times to be sure they were the same person. Truly amazing.
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    LynnBBQ72 wrote: »
    THUD!! That noise was my jaw hitting the floor. I had to look at the pix 3 times to be sure they were the same person. Truly amazing.

    Thank you so much and I know ! I even have to do a double take sometimes ! It's kinda unreal !