Slimming world or not?



  • pontious11349
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    Educate yourself on Macros and track them... YouTube a few videos and that should kick you off

    Slimming world essentially do this with tracking sins and weight watchers with points... If you track your macros it's basically maths... Calculated weight loss and you are entirely in control... And guess what - it's free and the knowledge is empowering.
  • I've recently joined slimming world and lost 8.5 pounds.if you join slimming world online I don't think it will really help as you can track everything on here for free but if your joining slimming world to go to the groups I find it really helps as I make sure I stay on track because I know I'm getting weighed every week.
  • BewitchedBelinda99
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    Good luck but I'm not going to join slimming world. I'm going to keep up with mfp and smash it! :) xx
  • Detti16
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    I've been a member of slimming world since August and it's the best decision I ever made!!!! I'm currently 1 stone and 5 lb down! I say go for it! Xxxxx