negative adjustment ...can someone explain

Hi , I have a garmin tracker and im not sure whether to use negative adjustment, mainly because when i have it shows a big red minus figure and I dont really understand what it means . Does any one use neg adjustment ? can anyone explain in plain simple english :) pleeese


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    I wish someone had written back to you because I want to know too!
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    Your big red minus figure I would presume means that you are actually moving less than the activity level you have set on MFP

    So let's say you said you were lightly active

    To hit light activity you should take about 7000 steps daily

    You're taking fewer steps so the adjustment from your tracker is negative ..there may also be something in you are synching during the day when sedentary but doing most of your activity at night ...these things tend to extrapolate your calorie burn based on what has gone for

    I don't have a garmin, I have a Fitbit zip...I use it to make sure I'm getting the right activity level and more...I only get negative adjustments when I've sat on my kitten all day
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    I don't have a Garmin tracker but a Fitbit. I set my activity level in MFP and my tracker to sedentary even though I am usually moderately active. When I sync my tracker in the morning, after breakfast, it will how many calories I've eaten and how many calories are left for the day. Today I had 233 calories for breakfast and have 1,043 left according to my tracker. My goal is 1540. This amount on my tracker will fluctuate during the day depending on how active I am. If I sit all day the amount of calories will stay low. If I'm active, the calories left to eat increase.

    On MFP I am also set to sedentary. I currently have a goal of 1540 calories. I had 232 for breakfast. MFP subtracted an additional 80 calories and shows I have 1,228 calories remaining. This number also changes throughout the day depending on how active I am.

    If I use an app like Map My Walk or Runtastic and sync them to MFP the steps I have taken are subtracted from my exercise calories. If I have 4,000 steps before a 4 mile walk I get credit for the walk and sometimes a negative number for the steps even though those steps may have given me 40 or 50 extra calories without the walk. I try to move enough during the day to get rid of the negative step number. I'm kind of ocd that way.

    It's not an exact science but I like how it works. I don't like those big red numbers but I sometimes get them for too much protein, calcium, or vitamin C. I just have to look past the red and make sure I keep doing what's working for me.