New to and motivation needed

Any good tips to succeed in losing weight? I'm always on off on off and then pile even more weight on. I've come to the point now where enough is enough and I'm sick of feeling like a fat mess :-(


  • SherryTeach
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    It comes down to wanting your health and well-being more than the temporary love of food. Find satisfying food choices, log accurately, and stick with it.
  • mysticlizard
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    The hardest thing is coming to terms about your eating habits. How you decide to eat to lose weight has to be sustainable to keep the weight from coming back. I am a work in progress, it is taking time, but I will get to my goal. There are certain things that I over eat and I now avoid them. My husband told me to not think about what I don't eat any more and focus on all the good things that I enjoy eating now. Also be kind to yourself. I don't think you would call a friend a fat mess, so don't call yourself that. Try to be more positive about yourself, you are wanting to make a change for a healthier better you. It takes some practice. It is our old habits that got us to where we are today. Make one small change a week and you will get there, you didn't get to where your are today over night. Celebrate each and every small victory. Read the success stories for inspiration. You can do this. :)
  • courtneyfabulous
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    Have you tried myfitnesspal before or other methods for those on/off previous times? If you're new I will happily tell you this method actually works! You just have to use it properly - log all your food, measure it accurately (a digital food scale is helpful), and stick to your calorie goal. It really couldn't be more simple! Hopefully when you see this working you will stick with it long enough to get to your goal weight, and then be so happy with your weight loss that you actually maintain it instead of regaining!