Dog Friendly Folks

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I owe the start and continuation of my mirninf exercise to my dog. Not many dog friendly people on here that I've seen. I bike my dog 14 miles and her pace is 9.5 mph. Its not a lot, but still a burn. Plan on adding more dogs w walks. Bailey, 40 lbs blue heeler is my bud in life and I have problems leaving the house on a good day, but w the dog, I'm on the trail. Will change come snow.
My dog is my life fitness pal, never out of energy. Looking for others who incorporate dogs into exercise routine. She gives me motivation w that happy face every morning and that helps me out the door. I have much to lose, am on meds where I have to be realistic about the weight gain side effects, but 60 lbs or so have to go! I got my dog in shape, and she's getting me moving every day. My general outlook on life is a little something is better than a lot of nothing. I keep it basic.


  • tress29
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    I have two but they pile on the couch with me and encourage me to snuggle just a little longer!
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    this is my little turkey, Indy! she runs circles around me and is always down for a good snuggle afterwards, so that's always a good reward for getting outside


    This place looks familiar! Acton High school?