One year of MyFitnessPal complete: 117 lbs lost, size 22 to size 8-10, 44" waist to 30" waist

Hey y'all, just want to celebrate my first year here at MyFitnessPal.

Last year, after a lifetime of being fat, at a beefy 275 lbs I decided to lose weight in honor of my father, who had just recently passed away. I had always been too scared of failure to even try, but after seeing some great results from several friends who used MFP, I decided to give it a go.

All I did was calorie count. I vaguely modeled my diet after a diabetic-friendly diet, trying to shoot for low carb/sugar and high protein. This diet helped keep me satiated, and I stuck with it simply because it worked so well.

Here's me last year:

And here's me today:

And here's to the start of year two! And hopefully many more to come.

Only 3 more lbs to lose until I'm a healthy BMI, but I'm shooting for a final weight of 145 lbs before starting weight training.