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So I've reached the 90 pound mark. I started at around 470 and my weigh in last week was 381! My Fitness Pal shows at around 59 pounds lost but I had been losing beforehand just by not eating fast food or soda. I'm so excited. I'm finally seeing a difference in my health and my body. I still have around 200 to lose but this first 90 pounds shows that it is possible. Thank you for this great community!otaba2uiljwu.jpg


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    You rock!!
  • Way to go! You're looking fantastic!!
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    You look fantastic!
    Keep up the good work. :)
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    Great job!!!
  • Wow that is incredible! Well done! Can I ask when your started and how you did it? I have 100 lbs to lose myself and find this inspiring.
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    Wow! You are well on your way! Keep it up! :)
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    Great job!
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    Great job! It is a wonderful feeling when you realize "I can really do this!" Just keep on keeping on and you will be there before you know it.
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    Holy hell dude - you are KILLIN it. GREAT GREAT JOB!!!
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    fab! well done!
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    Well done. What is the next goal?
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    Great job - you got this!
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    That is awesome! I just started and have about 150 pounds to go and you all are great inspiration for me!
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    Congratulations! You look amazing and the positivity in your attitude is contagious. Can't wait to see the rest of your journey. :)
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    Yes.. I see a big difference.. You're on a roll and you will get it done! Progress photos are the don't lie.
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    Awesome, just awesome!!!
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    Wow that is incredible! Well done! Can I ask when your started and how you did it? I have 100 lbs to lose myself and find this inspiring.

    Just counting calories and walking. I didn't make any huge dietary changes except for cutting down on fast food although these days it's still my breakfast because I can't ever manage to get up early. Otherwise, it was just being consistent. When I overindulge, I get right back to my program the next day. Nowadays, I can't even physically eat the way I used to.
  • SiegfriedXXL
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    Well done. What is the next goal?

    Funnily enough, it's the next 90 pounds. That will be put me below 300 pounds for the first time since college. Then another 90 pounds to put me below 200, which I haven't been in God know's how long. I break it up into 10 pound mini goals with some incentives after each one that I buy myself or my partner has ideas for also. He has been incredibly supportive in this as have my family and friends which has really helped.
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    Looking good and it looks like you showed up for yourself. Way to go!
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    Awesome job!!!! looking hot!!!!