Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • jp4ap
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    This is my second "go round" on MFP. I am seeking "like minded" friends. Friends who know the struggle, know that positives propel, are active, and are "reciprocal" in their support. I'm looking to kick copious amounts of names and take but...errr get the picture. Please drop a note if you wanna add me.
  • kopiikat
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    Let's be friends! I love to post and comment. :blush:
  • Meticulous_Nails
    Meticulous_Nails Posts: 69 Member
    Hello! I can always use the extra motivation , and I love looking at other people's Food Diaries! Add me and feel free to look at mine :)
  • sherrismith82
    sherrismith82 Posts: 210 Member
    ME! need all the support I can get!
  • Laine_G
    Laine_G Posts: 5 Member
    Hello! Please add me, thanks! :)
  • Girl_has_no_name
    Girl_has_no_name Posts: 40 Member
    Fitness friends welcome :)
  • DarrenDefreitas
    DarrenDefreitas Posts: 2 Member
    More friends is good news, more friends = more determined me! Let's do this team #weightloss
  • gabrielasilva0812
    gabrielasilva0812 Posts: 38 Member
    anyone can add me! :ppp feel free to do soo
  • amandabosfr80
    amandabosfr80 Posts: 10 Member
    Trying to loose 50lbs and looking for friends and support to go through with this journey.
    please feel free to add me
  • darkpurple83
    darkpurple83 Posts: 2 Member
    New and looking forward to meeting people!
  • lpamm1226
    lpamm1226 Posts: 11 Member
    Tried to do this without mfp and failed!! Add me so we can fight the fat
  • I would always love to have more motivation, support, and friends to keep me on track and keep me coming back <3
  • salisburyalex
    salisburyalex Posts: 35 Member
    Feel free to add me! Working towards becoming a physical therapist/independent personal trainer on the side. Open diary and I post my workouts !
    SEAH4WKS Posts: 40 Member
    Add me if you'd like!
  • serenitymuse
    serenitymuse Posts: 2 Member
    Add me. I am looking for like-minded friends who are looking to improve their health. I'll appreciate the benefits of support, motivation, and accountability. Trying to lose weight.
  • b_dani
    b_dani Posts: 26 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • spiveaa
    spiveaa Posts: 1,387 Member
    always looking to add more positive MFP'ers, add me, lets do this!
  • thehexenbiest
    thehexenbiest Posts: 114 Member
    Hey! My friend list is full of people in the reds now, so my dashboard has become a bit boring. I'd love some more non-judgmental, positive friends who aren't complete fitness nuts and don't take life too serious.
  • BioWellnessChic
    BioWellnessChic Posts: 2 Member
    Friends definitely help! Add me folks!
  • theycallmearth
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    Active friends are welcomed. Add me if you want.