Eating Exercise Calories

Just wondering if you should be eating your exercise calories or leaving it as a deficit for faster weight loss?


  • sweetilemon
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    MFP is designed to eat back exercise calories. Some people don't eat them all back as they believe MFP overestimate's them. I eat mine back and lose on average 2lb a week.
  • SusanMFindlay
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    edited November 2016
    I eat back enough activity calories to leave myself a deficit of ~500 cals/day. (It used to be higher; I've been raising my calories to try to get my deficit down to 500. Interestingly, as I raise my intake, my TDEE seems to go up as well since the weightloss hasn't actually slowed down yet. I'm sure I'll eventually hit the threshold for the "more food = more energy = more activity" effect though.)