Starting a 2 year mission to go from BMI 35 to 25


I am a 50+ lady just starting out on a journey to a healthier life.

For over 30 years I have been struggeling with my weight. I have been going to weight watchers, trying LCHF and all sorts of diets but so far not managed to keep it up for long. Finally I got a real chance to 'make it work'. I got accepted into a study where my food intake, weight and health witll be monitored during 2 years. They were looking for healty people with a BMI between 30 and 40 and who are not allergic to any food and who can eat 'anything'.
Before this study I had two checkups with blood samples taken as well as interviews, forms to fill in, measurements taken and of course weight check. During the study I will have checkups regularly as well as phone interviews.

Week 1-6 I am only allowed to drink 4 Campbidge soups/shakes per day and of course lots of water (and a little coffee or tea). After 6 weeks I will start eating food again (longing for that).

I am currently ending week 3 with a new BMI of 33. Feels great!
I lost most during the first week and this week I only lost 1 kg (just over 2 pounds).
To 'step it up' a bit I got myself an activity tracker this week. I also started an account in Myfitnesspal to monitor my journey. Yesterday I took the stairs up to my office on the 5th floor for the first time. I am also walking to and from work (2+2 km).

I'm hoping to find support in here so that this journey does not end after two years.
I have always been active (biking, jogging, dancing, scuba diving) and I hope to be able to enjoy those hobbies for many years to come.

Hopefully I will share that journey with some of you.


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    Wow that is indeed a great opportunity. Because if you're anything like me doing things without that sort of healthy supervision it is quite hard. Anyhow, I guess those 6 weeks are to kick start and motivate, it sounds tough. Will you get set meal plans later on? Or are you on your own to eat healthy? I just started my journey 2 weeks ago I hope this time it sticks 15 kg must go 20 would be a dream. Good luck. You will succeed
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    Just want to point out to anyone reading this that the OP is doing this as part of a study (i.e., with medical supervision). If you're doing it on your own, you shouldn't expect or try to lose 2 BMI points in three weeks (it could happen for you, if you're starting out severely or morbidly obese, or if you experience a large loss of water weight at the beginning of your efforts, but you shouldn't be setting that as a goal).
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    Good point Lynn. Yes the medical supervision is the only reasone I dare to go on this kind of diet. I was under supervision for a couple of months before I could start to see that my blood values and (all that doctor stuff) was stable before I could even begin this diet.

    After the six weeks on shakes and soups I will have two weeks to slowly start eating food again. During that time I will have to fill in exactly what I eat (I will be told what to eat) and how much I walk/run/train.
    After those eight weeks in total I will have two years when my diet will be restricted and I will report twice every month regarding weight and other health issues.
    I also want to point out that I have a contact to call if I start feeling dizzy, have stomach problems or just about anything. So far I feel very good..... really strange thinking about how little calories I get, but I'm really not that hungry and not weak at all. :smiley:

    I am very lucky to have gotten this chance and I really plan to make the most of it. Already I am moving more and I found my daughter's old Wii balance board for some extra work out. Hopefully this will teach the 'old dog' new ways. My diet will be changed for the rest of my life and hopefully my weight will be low and stable by that time.
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    glad you have found yourself on this study and also glad that it is over a suitably long time-frame. So many 'diets' try to get you to lose superfast but this sounds much better.

    Can you tell us a little more about the study? I notice you are on a shakes/soup plan to begin with, are you in a group with others on this, and are other groups trying different techniques? Sounds like a worthwile study to get involved in so great.
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    Good luck from a 57 year old male who, in accordance to my BMI, has been to short in my adult life. Over a 12 month period I have reduced my BMI from 39 to 28. I believe that is was made possible through motivation from a common supervised training group twice a week, support from home, friendship/coworkers and using myfitnesspal.

    Through training you lose gram and feel well, and what you eat makes you lose kilos.

    Keywords is stamina together with realizing that a change of lifestyle takes 3-5 year. Thus I have just started.

    Take care and remember it is simple. There must go more energy out versus the amount of energy which goes in. :)
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    Thanks for your support "girlinahat" and "Laugen58".

    I was looking for information about the study in English but did not find anything. All the material is in Swedish. This is a short version.

    A couple of years ago there was a study made on people with diabetes. They were divided in two groups. One was eating normally but under supervision. One was eating "New Nordic food" and they had the food delivered. None of the groups started with shakes. The study found that both groups were eating better and lost weight (allthough weightloss was not the main goal of this study). The group eating New Nordic Food lost most weight and also had the best health values. Medication could be reduced and sometimes not needed any more.

    This time the same scientists wanted to do a similar test with people that do not have diabetes but are a risk group due to obesity. I know that they were looking for 40-50 persons for this study. We are to eat shakes and soups from the Cambridge diet plan and they are given to us. The goal for this study is health. To achieve better health we will eat better, work towards a normal BMI and excercise more.

    After six weeks we will be devided inte two groups. One will be eating "Old Nordic Food" and one will be eating "New Nordic Food". We cannot choose groups, so I have 50% chance to be in the group that will eat the "better food". We will have to pay for our food but not for the health checkups and coaching. We will receive receipes and sample of the food we are to eat.
    The scientists are hoping to see that one food type gives a better result in working towards good health and reaching and keeping a normal BMI. So far they have not told us exactly what is the difference between the new and old nordic food types.
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    Hello, I am 55 and please add me to your friends list. I am also here for some time. What is Old Nordic Food vs New Nordic Food ?
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    Would love to join you on this journey. I am 62 and bmi is 34 and I need to go to 25 also. I have always struggled. Weight use to come off easier. Now it just goes on and doesn't come off. I have decided to count calories eat healthy and start walking as exercise. I will watch your journey and cheer for you.