Work lunch

Any good ideas for work lunches thinking about getting the portion containers and doing chicken and rice. So the easier the better.


  • cwolfman13
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    My wife and I often make double for our dinner and take for lunch...otherwise I take a sandwich or a salad or something. Chicken and rice everyday would get pretty boring...also, where's the veg?
  • KariFreeman2
    KariFreeman2 Posts: 28 Member
    I pack 5 days worth of lunches on Sunday. It makes it nice during the work week to run out the door. This week it is Tuna w/crackers, carrots, banana, applesauce, and vanilla wafers.
  • Charis50
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    Jar salads work well for me, and I can mix and match what I put in for veg, protein, dressing, etc. With a lid on tight, they stay fresh all week. Here's the method:

    I also make a big batch of burritos, wrap them individually, and freeze them. They warm up well in the office microwave and I can control how much protein, salt, etc. are in them better than with the premade frozen kind.