How did you do today?

I gained 10 pounds and started to binge a bit. I am trying to get back on track again!

Friday was good, I was at 1,800 calories in, 3190 calories out.
Saturday was a binge, I was at 4,440 calories in, 3,389 calories out. :(
Today was great, I am at 1,492 calories in, 3321 calories out.

Hoping to get the next 7 days at a negative net calories.

I hope everyone else had a good day, if not there is always tomorrow!


  • schac061
    schac061 Posts: 41 Member
    Did better than I thought! Had a small breakfast because I knew lunch would be large and dinner would be served with wine! Stayed within my budget today! Hoping I can maintain my willpower for the rest of this week! Family is in town this week for the holiday and my weekly weigh in is tomorrow morning. I am committed to exercising in the mornings and controlling what I can but still enjoying this week with my family!
  • flagrantavidity
    flagrantavidity Posts: 217 Member
    Another good day within my limit, that's two in a row - hoping for a third. I am going to try a 24 hour Fast from Wednesday to Thursday 12pm to 12pm.
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