Wednesday Fast - Who's With Me?

Thursday is thanksgiving and let's face it, most of us are going to eat a bit more than normal. For me it's mostly pressure. In fact, to make myself eat less I had my in laws agree to go out for thanksgiving dinner instead of having a week of leftovers to eat before they get bad. This way, I have a plate of food and no seconds.

I want to try a fast on Wednesday, starting at 12:00PM (noon) through 12:00PM Thursday, 24 hours.

Anyone want to do this along with me, a 24 hour Fast before thanksgiving?

Hopefully with some concentration, willpower, and support I can push through.


  • makeoverpm
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    I'm in. Based in the uk so will be behind time wise by a few hours. I've been trying 5:2 fasting. My fast day is Wednesday. I don't do a complete fast but have approx 500 calories over 24 hrs. If you're doing this approach men can have 600 cal's.

    One thing I've found that helps is to start the day with 4 big glasses of warm lemon water, and a chromium supplement.

    Go for it.

    We've got this.
  • makeoverpm
    makeoverpm Posts: 117 Member
    Also try keeping busy, to distract from the hunger pangs! They come in waves!
  • TreyTnt9
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    I'll pass.
  • TeaBea
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    This would just make it worse for me.....ravenous by dinner.

    If you've had practice with very calorie low days (like 5:2) this might be useful.