Favorite low cal order at Subway??



  • daisybelle84
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    I was just building some for my dinner. I am going to splurge and do a footlong and pass on the cheese and chips. I will do a footlong turkey on wheat, no cheese, with green peppers, lettuce, onions, and pickles with the light may for 650 calories.
  • Brocksterdanza
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    Footlong rotisserie chicken... bread hollowed out (saves over 100 cals) light mayo, vinegar, all the veggies... comes in right around 600 calories and is very filling
  • mrp56839
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    Rotisserie chicken salad, load up the veggies, no cheese and the extra banana peppers are flavorful enough to act as a dressing. Right around 170 cals for the ginormous salad. Score!!
  • geminiswede
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    I generally go oven roasted chicken breast on wheat with provolone cheese and lots of veggies. No condiments. I haven't gone to subway in a while, but if I remember correctly a 6 inch comes out to just under 400 calories. You can save more calories with no cheese, of course.
  • BruinsGal_91
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    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    Sweet onion chicken teriaki on flatbread...hold the cheese...fill with enough veggies to explode.

    ^^^This. Though I tend to hold the veggies too cuz I'm a bit of a messy eater and usually end up wearing the vegetables rather than eating them. (Not a good look).
  • Speziface
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    I like the carved turkey on the multigrain flatbread. I add pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and green peppers. I don't usually get any sauce, but the cranberry mustard (when they have it), honey mustard, and/or chipotle sauces are a good options.

  • successgal1
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    I don't usually eat at subway, but when I do, I get a 6" turkey on what passes for something with whole grain in it, then just add lettuce, tomato, pickles and black olives. Nothing else. The pickles and olives add enough flavor for me.
  • TR0berts
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    Update on the Reuben...it was just OK...they did pile on quite a bit of corned beef, but it's just lacking and I could barely tell the bread was rye...it was some weak *kitten* rye.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I love a Reuben - it's my favorite sandwich - but the thought of a Subway Reuben made me uneasy. I won't waste my time/money on it just to be disappointed.
  • tcunbeliever
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    I usually get a salad with tuna, all the veggies except jalapeno, some honey mustard and siracha...yum
  • miratps
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    Do you all get 6 inch or foot longs?