Looking for geeky friends

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Hi I'm Jessie. I'm looking to make friends to help with encouragement and advice on losing weight. I'd like to get a good support system going because I could really use the help. Plus if you're geeky I'm always down for new everyday friends as well!


  • Hi names Stephan. I feel ya. Oh and I'm a kingdom hearts fanatic. Also play star wars x-wing miniature game and pokemon trading card game with my best friend. I'm 29 lol.. nice to meet you.
  • Li6erty
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    Hi Jessie, best of luck in your fitness journey! Anyone here play(ed) DOFUS?
  • Schlagsie
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    Geeks are indeed the best friends!
  • Tracey_B_72
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    Feel free to add me if you feel I'm geeky enough, I love my ps4 and I'm currently readdicted to Skyrim and I'm a huge Witcher 3 fan. I cross stitch and I'm manically crocheting blankets for Christmas pressies.

    I love Harry Potter, The Script, long dog walks and at 44 I'm learning to drive and next year me and my hubby are getting a caravan, i like to spread my weird geekiness in all sorts of directions.
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    I would be classified as the ultimate geek. Without a doubt. :smile:
  • peteypabl0_
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    Hey!! I'm looking for the exact same thing as well! :) Add me if you'd like!
  • I love books and cats.
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    fr sent
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    If being a gamer and being a fan of movies/shows like Sherlock, GoT, Daredevil, Westworld, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. makes me a geek, then count me in! FR sent.
  • brisingr1094
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    Avid reader and ultimate geek according to some people :smiley:
  • KiwiGirl91
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    Complete game geek as well as book nerd! :3 finishing my last year in a IT degree and working as a contractor!
  • DoctahJenn
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    No, seriously. Anyone can add me. MMO gaming, tabetop gaming, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Wars...

    I'm 30, 5'4", 130-ish (it wiggles up and down a bit.) I run. I eat sweets and pizza. I'm an Army wife getting ready to move AGAIN, and I'm a mom.
  • SuperNerd42
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    My people! I'm a huge bookworm. I love science fiction and speculative fiction, and I'll throw some fantasy in to balance it out. I'm always on the lookout for the next good book. I'm also passionate about the cinematic and literary worlds of LOTR, HP, Jurassic Park (I would have named this child Grant had it been a boy- seriously), Star Wars, and a couple stragglers. Also just getting back into Skyrim now that it's been remastered :D
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    I am in for some nerd friends
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    Hi, I'm a gamer (username is my psn), I like anime, fantasy, supernatural and magic tv series and movies etc..